Vijayeendra Vaibhav Series


I like to share with our devotees the details of sacred Pontiff Sri Vijayeendrateertharu of Kumbhakonam. He is the Guru of Rayaru’s Guru’s Guru Sri Sudheendrateertha’s Guru. The Brindaavana of Sri Vijayeendrateertharu is in Kumbhakonam on the bank of the sacred Kaveri river, The Temple town is situated amidst abundant nature’s gift, has made Kumbhakonam much more sanctity. A great Hari Bhakta, Sri Vijayeendrateertharu worshipped Sri Moola Rama Devaru with great devotion, during the pooja of Sri Moola Rama Devaru, Sri Vijayeendrateertharu used to forget the world. A Great scholar, He is Treekaala Smaraneeya, The founder of Rayara Matha and Moola Purusha.The Great chetana Sri Vijayeendrateertharu today in Brindavana is highly satisfied to see the Mantralaya’s progress of - the golden age of Rayara Matha.

Sri Vijayeendra teertharu is the fifteenth (15th) Pontiff- Yati from Sri Madhwacharya Peetha Parampara. A profound scholar, stalwart, wellversed of vedas and shastras. He is the embodiment of poorna (completeness). Poornat Poorna Midam- Poorna Muchyatae and efficient in all the 64 Kalas. The meaningful and satisfactory life of complete 97 Years of our Rayara Matha Sri Vijayeendra teertharu is a model and Mirror to the whole world. The cordial relationship and attachment of Sri Moola Rama Devaru and the details of the previous birth (Poorva Janma Vivara) are described here.


The structure of the each series is - begins with the Background of the matter then meaning of the Kannada poem and finally ends with a poem.

- Raghvendra Patwari