Sripadaraja incarnation of Dhruva a great Madhwa saint, Guru of Vyasaraja . He has contributed tremendously towards Haridasa Sahitya. He is the foundation for the Kannada Dasa Sahitya.

Shri Sripadaraja performed many miracles. Once Sripadaraja in his old age desired to take bath in holly Ganga but was unable to travel .Ganga then appeared before him and said that she herself would come to Narasimha Theertha and stay there for ever. A dip in Narasimha Theertha is considered to be equivalent to a dip in Ganga.

These are the pictures of Sripadarajaru's mola Brundavana. This has been captured during my visit to Narasimha Theertha, about a mile from Mulabagilu on the Bangalore and Madras national highway. This is one of the few Brundavanas which is open to mother nature.

Sripadaraja Moola Brindavana


Sripadaraja Moola Brindavan


Sripadaraja Moola Brindavan

PadmanabhaTheerth Brindavan