Speech about GururRaghvendra - 3

(Extract of Satsanga held in Woodbridge,NewJersey,USA, Dated May 20th.2007)

Dear Devotees,

Good morning to you all. I extend my warm regards to the elderly participants and Mantralaya blessings to all the esteemed members of the Satsanga. It is a special auspicious occasion to participate in the Satsanga in this Adhika Maasa - Adhika Jeshtha Shukla Chaturthi.
"Adhika Maase Adhika Phalam".Let this Satsanga bless Adhika Phalas to all the devotees and to the participants of the Satsanga.

Today I wish to describe regarding:

Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu the kind and the most affectionate saint is called in Kaliyuga as Kalpavruksha, Kamadhenu and Chintamani. To perform the Seva of Sri Raghavendrateertharu many divine personalities have taken birth. Among them the famous are Sri Appanacharya of Bhikshaalaya  and Sri  Krishnavadhoota of Sondur, Distirct : Bellary,Karnataka.India. Both are on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra, are the two eyes to the devotees of the world to get Sri Guru Darshana,Mantralaya Rayara Darshana and Anugraha.

Bichchale Sri Appanacharyaru has PRESENTED:  Sri Raghavendra   Guru Stotra   And
Sondur   Sri Krishnavadhootaru has PRESENTED :  Sri Raghavendra Tantra.

Both are the valued Stotras to obtain the Anugraha of Rayaru.

It is quite fascinating and interesting to note that these two great devotees treated Sri Raghavendrateertharu as their father and they are His beloved Sons. Fully attained the Anugraha of Rayaru. As Krishnavadhootaru has written:
Lokae Pitror Yatha Putrae Tatopi Premaadhikaat
Maam Rakshati Gurustasmaat Sa Pitaaham Cha Tat Sutaha

A father loves his sons and always  proud  of them.The sons too equally love his father.The entire hereditary qualities, the whole assets    including wealth and Bhakti are imparted by the noble father to his able sons. In the same way the affectionate Bhaktas Sri Appanacharyaru and Krishnavadhootaru are blessed by our great Mantralaya Rayaru.They did not born together at the same time. Krishnavadhootaru lived in the middle and at the end of the 19th.century.It means Krishnavadhootaru took Avatara after Sri Appanacharya.

At the same time right from Sri Prahlada Avatara these two divine Souls Sri Appanacharyaru and Krishnavadhootaru  have together taken birth :
Samhata Prahata
Sandhi Prasandhi
Somaka Urmika

and finally Appanacharyaru of  Bhikshaalaya and Krishnavadhootaru of Sondur. Sri Krishnavadhootaru has made it clear in Sri Raghavendra Tantra very beautifully that:
Appanacharya Krishnakhyou Tatraapi Dwija Roopataha
Samhata Prahatou Jaatou Tasya Priyou  Sada

Sri Krishnavadhootaru was born in the year 1835 AD, Manmatha Naama Samvastara Maagha Shuddha Dashami, the most auspicious day of Rathasaptami to Venkataramanachar and Triveni Satvika Dampati in a small village called Devanakere on the bank of the Tungabhadra  river near Harapanahalli. Today this village is in the womb of the Sacred Tungabhadra dam. Just like several villages this Devankere village is also drowned in the dam.

Venkataramanachar desired that his son must become a great scholar. But  owing to the poverty, the high ambitious father Venkataramanachar gave his son when he was three months old to Sri Halekoti Bheemasenacharya and Venkamma they adopted the Child and continued the same name as Muddukrishnacharya that is Sri Krishnavadhootaru. By seeing the very eyes of the child they were impressed a lot. Bheemasenacharya was an eminent scholar and holding a very high position in the palace of  Ghorpadae in Sondur. Soon Muddukrishnacharya became a great scholar at an early age. As per the tradition of the society in those days Muddukrishnacharya  was married when he was too young.

But this marriage never became an obstacle to continue his studies.Due to several selfish problems in the family Muddukrishna left the house. A great scholar, a great Chetana,wherever he went, he was honoured by his knowledge and merit and at the same time our Krishnavadhootaru never kept quiet, went on gaining and increasing his knowledge - literary values ­ logic ­ poetics ­ Shastra ­ Vedanta  and Nyaaya Shastra. Thus Krishnavadhootaru became a profound Scholar and a perfect Pandit. His Knowledge was regarded and respected in the society by the Pandits.

In Trivendrum there was a competition.Within twenty four minutes Sri Krishnavadhootaru very easily composed Hundred Sanskrit Shlokas through his Ashu Kavitva. He was honoured with the title Ghatika Shata Kavi and awarded the Golden Kantha, usually all use Steel Kantha (writing instrument). Visited Kanchi, Arani, Tirupati, Tirmalai Hills Swami SrinivasaDevaru and Kalahasti the Sacred Seats of learning.

Such an extraordinary, Scholarly Chetana caught in the nutshell of Vidhi, in the hands of the wicked persons, the Durvidhi encircled there, the life of  Krishnavadhoota  was perverted. Came into contact with Malayali  Mantrika learnt doing all that  Apabhramsha Vidya , Kuvidya, Vaamachaara against the norms of normal life of Sadaachara of our great Sri  Sri Madacharya. When He was indulged in Such activities like Maata Mantra, Bhoota, Betaala, Vasheekarana married Rukmini, She became the second wife.Thus our Krishnavadhoota completely   immersed in the materialistic life.

Our Mantralaya Rayaru the kind, the pious and the divine Saint always moulded the personalities of his devotees.As per the Prerana of  Mantralaya  Rayaru, Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya appeared in dream of Krishnavadhoota and reminded Krishnavadhoota - before he attained the Anugraha of Rayaru he was only Muddukrishnacharya and became AVADHOOTA by the blessings of Rayaru and Appanachary. Krishnavadhootru never cared for this dream. During this period he  returned to Sondur and became the Ashthaan Vidwan  of   Sondur palace. Gorphade the king honoured Muddukrishnacharya by Chhatra, Chaamara and Pallakki. Got ample opportunity to exhibit his abundant knowledge and creative capacity. He also wrote Champu PANDURANGA VILASA CHAMPU in Sanskrit.

Again Sri Bichchale Sri Appanacharyaru appeared in the dream of Krishnavadhootru and said "look! You are born for a very noble cause,  Mantralaya Rayaru likes you very much. From today onwards Chant the Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra composed by me" and inspired Krishnavadhootru to perform the Seva of Rayaru. Bhikshaalaya Guru Sri Apanacharya also advised the Mantropadesha of Sri Vyasa and Sri Krishna.

This dream changed the entire life of Krishnavadhootaru. Put an end to Apabhramsha Vidya and Vamachaara. Found a metamorphosis change in his life. By the blessings of Rayaru always remembering Mantralaya Rayaru , Krishnavadhootaru came to know about his previous Janmas and immediately surrendered to the lotus feet of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharyaru. Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharyaru a prime devotee of our Gurusarvabhoumaru, who has attained the complete Anugraha of Rayaru and played a major role in moulding the life of  Muddukrishna.  It is Sri Appanacharyaru who has transformed Muddukrishnachaya to Krishnavadhootaru. We are bent with gratitude to Sri Bichchale Appanaryaru that he alone persuaded as per the will and wish of  our Mantralaya Divya Chetana Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

Krishnavadhoota’s life was filled with fragrance of devotion towards the Saint of Mantralaya. Became a beloved devotee of Rayaru. By Sri Appanacharya Krishnavadhoota came very close to Rayaru. Owing to his tremendous knowledge soon he became Aparokshagnyaani.
In Sri Raghavendra Tantra Krishnavadhootaru has mentioned:
Yaha Poorva Bodhaayaamaasa Swapne Maam Vimukham Guroho
Dwatrimasha Varsha Paryantam Durachara Ratam Sada

That for thirty two years Krishnavadhoota was in worldly life doing all the acts and deeds against the Sadachara of our Sri Madacharya. In the dream Appanacharya awakened him and lead on to the right path. Sri Krishnavadhootaru has expressed his gratitude towards Bichchale Appanacharya. Actually Appanacharyaru imparted the Mantralaya Rayara Seva and Guru Deeksha.
Agnyaat Sri Gurustotrapyaettat Prabhruti Vishwasan
Gurustotrartha Maevaaham Pathan Gurumpoojayam

Krishnavadhootaru as said in the above Shloka started Chanting of Gurustotra and the worship of Mantralaya Rayaru.

Devotees please note that how our Bichchale Sri Appanacharya’s  Gurustotra is too Sacred and powerful. By this act of Krishnavadhoota Rayaru was highly pleased and one day Rayaru gave Divya Darshana in the dream.Blessed and described several things to this great Devotee. Muddukrishnacharya left his house, wife, wealth and all the relatives. Became a Viraagi,the feeling of Vairaagya filled in his heart   and veins. Started living in a separate lonely place. He lived in the realm of Mantralaya and Bhikshaalaya. Accepted and detailed the follies committed by him in his early days in his writings. Thus it has made him to stand in the line of Mahatmas today.

Described Sri Appanacharya as “Sri Raghavendra Guruvanghri Samsakta Dishanaagrani”.  In the dream guided the direction of Guruseva. That made Krishnavadhootaru to acquire the affection of Rayaru,and made it clear in Sri Raghavendra Tantra- A Siddhi Grantha.Mantralaya Rayaru again appeared in the dream and said first the devotees have to chant the Gurustotra of Bichchale Appanacharya to get everything in life. Then do the Pathana of Sri Raghavendra Tantra.Those who read and listen RaghavendraTantra Rayaru will be highly pleased, and will get Veda and Shastras Knowledge and Punya, and attain Siddhi-Gnyaana Siddhi-Sarva Siddhi :

Pathed Yadi Phalam Dadyaat Sadya Yeva Kalou Yugae.

Krishnavadhootaru also said that Bichcale Sri Appanacharya is to be remembered always. We have to pronounce
Appanaryaaya Namaha
Appanacharya Gurubhyo Namaha
Bhjikshaalaya Appanacharya Gurubhyo Namaha.

Jpaet Paschaat Appanarya Naam Mantram Jpaed Yatha
Appanaryaaya Namaha Ityashtaksharo Manuhu

For Quick Siddhi we have to remember Sri Appanacharyaru who has completely understood Rayaru and always followed like a shadow of Rayaru. For the sake of this only Rayaru sent Appanacharya away from Mantralaya on Shraavana Krishna Paksha Dwiteeya, as he cannot tolerate and  see the separation of his beloved Guru that too SaShareera Brindavana.

Dear Devotees it is very clear that for the sake of Sri Raghavendra Tantra only Sri Krishnavadhootaru was born as Appanacharya was born for the sake of Sri Raghavendra Stotra and Mangalashtaka. Rayaru is the Father-Mother- Friend- Relative and Kind Magnanimous Donor of Everything to his devotees. Rayaru is the King, Protector, Guru. So the Devotee Krishnavadhootaru says I am your  son, please take care of me affectionately.
Tvam Mae Maata Tvam Pita Tvam Sakhaa Cha
Tvam Mae Bandhuhu Tvam Cha Daata Dayaluhu
Tvam Mae Raja Paalakastvam Guruscha
Putroham Tae Paahi Maam Raghavendra

Again Rayaru appeared in the dream of Krishnavadhootaru and  blessed  a lot.  In the most touching manner this devotee has prayed to Rayaru : You are everything, without you there is no Gnyaana, you are the Kind Chetana for my Uddhaara.
Paapeenaam Agraganyoham Dayaloonaam Tvamagraneehi
Tvaam Vina Na Hi Gnyaanenyam Mamaadya Uddhaara

Dear devotees we are really surprised to know that Sri Krishnavadhootaru has written fifty books. Among them some are lost and several manuscripts have vanished. Even today a few manuscripts are still available and I request to our Raja S.Pavamanachar, the architect of the Adhyatma Kendra in Mantralaya and the Grand Son of our  Sri Sujayeendrateertharu to acquire them preserve and publish. With all this we find today that there are seventeen works of Sri Krishnavadhootaru are available today and are published. Among all these Sri Raghavendra Tantra  is  the Superb and the  most Valued to all of us.

Sri Krishnavadhootaru attained the Power of Shaapa and Anugraha by Rayaru. But he never used, or made a show. Still in the normal way whatever he used to say to others, they became true to the Devotees. Once a Devotee Resident of  Mantralaya  Prayed to Rayaru to  fulfill his desire and he will feed one lakh Brahmins. Rayaru soon fulfilled the desire of that Devotee. Then the Devotee thought it is beyond his Capacity to feed one lakh   Brahmins, again Prayed to Rayaru. Rayaru appeared in his dream and said that tomorrow in the afternoon a Brahmin will come to your house for meals. Feed him. That is equal to the feeding of one lakh Brahmins.The next morning the Devotee made all the preparations along with PanchaBhaksha Paramaana, though it was 1pm, no body came to his house. Again he came to Mutt stood before Rayara Brindavana Praying that no body has turned up so far.Krishnavadhootaru was standing near by   and said to him, that I will be to your house and have meals there only. The Devotees joy knew no bonds. This incident happened in Mantralaya.We Devotees are surprised to see the ability of Krishnavadhootaru.Thus Rayaru showed to the whole world that he is equal to one lakh Brahmins.

All these things prove that Sri Krishnavadhootaru has attained the Anugraha of Mantralaya Rayaru. Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharyaru and   Sondur Sri Krishnavadhootaru  can be described as the two Eyes of Knowledge of the Devotees of Mantralaya Rayaru.

Vairaagya Shiromani Krishnavadhootaru reached Hampi. At the Sanctum of Chakrateertha Sri Yantroddhaaraka  Sri Prana Devaru installed by Sri Vyasarayaru did Tapasya, then near the Chakrateertha at the Shambhunatha Cave Krishnavadhootaru performed Tapasya for Eight Years by Yoga Siddhi to attain the Anugraha of Mantralaya Rayaru. He wanted to become a Sanyasi. But   Rayaru did not agree for that and said You are Avadhoota Gnyaani Devotee Yogi. This much is sufficient. After the Anugraha of   Rayaru left Pampa Kshetra and stayed in Adoni near Mantralaya opened a Sanskrit School and allowed to learn all. Irrespective    of caste  and creed. As he was the follower of Rayaru. He is in the hearts of the Devotees. Mantralaya Rayaru became too dear and near for his honest Confession Repentance   and   Devotion.

Thus Muddukrishnacharya became Sri Krishnavadhootaru. Mantralaya Rayaru is the architect of his life.

The great work Sri Raghavendra Tantra is as important as our Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya’s Sri Gurustotra and Mangalashtaka. Dear Devotees, the Holy and the Sacred Personalities have shined on the bank the Sacred Tungabhadra which is equal to the Sarayu river of Ayodhya. While concluding   I would like to quote the Mangalashtaka of  Bichcale  Sri Appanacharya:

Sri Raghavendrateertharu is like a bee to the lotus feet of Sri Rama,Rayaru is a prominent figure in the family of Sri Madacharya Parampara. The sober followers and devotees are like the stars and Rayaru is like the Moon. Rayaru is Kalpavruksha to his crores and crores of his devotees,always worshipping Sri Hari in fond rememberance.To the evil deeds papas and darkness Rayaru is like the Sun Such a fine Guru Sri Raghavendra Yati Sarvabhouma always Bless and Bestow.

Sri MadRama Padaaravinda Madhupaha Sri Madhwa
Sachchishoyduganodupaha Shrita Jagat Geervaana
Atyartham ManaskrutaAchyuta Japaha
Sri Mat Sadguru Raghavendra Yatiraat Kuryaat Dhruvam

Thank you. Om Sri  Raghavendraaya Namaha.

- Raghvendra Patwari.