Speech about GururRaghvendra -1

(Extract of Satsanga held in Woodbridge,NewJersey,USA, Dated March 24th.2007)

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Good morning to every body. I feel happy to be with you through this media. I thank Mr.Rajaraman and Rashmi and to all the members of the Satsanga for inviting me to address. It is my privilege and Punya to participate in this Satsanga , though I am too far from you. It is the will and wish of Mantralaya Rayaru to spread His Message across the seven oceans.

The website www.gururaghavendra1.org is doing a noble service to the devotees of the universe, which has united and connected the largest number of devotees of the world under  the Shelter of Mantralaya Rayaru. All are benefitted and enjoying the fruits in their lives by their bhakti - devotion ­ faith and belief. You are all well versed and familiar to the noble and the divine Satsanga. My effort is only a drop in the ocean of this noble cause.

Today I wish to describe  Regarding the

Avataras of Rayaru

All the Dasas, Satvikas, Aparokshagnyaanis believed the Avataras of Sri Raghavendrateertharu as Prahlada,Baahleeka and Vyasarajaru. It is heartening to note that Sri Hari took Narasimha Avatara for the sake of Prahlada(Rayaru). While Sri NarasimhaDevaru was furious with his Avatara after killing Hiranyakashyapu with his nails taking on his laps, no body had the courage to go, praise, talk and console.  It was Prahlada who praised Sri NarsimhaDevaru with the stotras and admired. Sri NarsimhaDevaru was highly pleased with Prahladaraja. So today we find on the top of the Rayara  Brindavana Sri Narahari,Rama,Krishna,Vedavyasa: as our Sri GopalaDasaru has said in one of the Suladis ­ "Narahari Rama Krishna Vedavyasa Yeraderadu Naalakku Moorutigalu, Dina Dinakilli Nutana Poojegalaaguavu Dina Dinakilli Nutana Utsavagallaguvau Janara Sandani Vipra Bhojana etc.

In Dwaapara Yuga Rayaru was Baahleeka and participated in the Mahabharata the great  battle of 18 days.

In Kaliyuga Rayaru took the Avatara as Sri Vyasarajaru and Worshipped the Krishna Roopi Paramaatma with the greatest devotion.

With the strong desire of performing the pooja of Sri Moola Rama Devaru Vyasarajaru born as Venkatanatha-Venkatabhattaru and became Sri Raghavendrateertharu Just as Sri Vibudhendrateertharu born as Sri Vijayeendrateertharu    and  Sri  Jitamitraru born  as Sri Sudheendrateertharu. Though Rayaru was born  and brought up in  Tamil Nadu, lived for many years in Kumbhakonam  performing the Seva of Sri Vijayeendrateertharu on the Sacred bank of Kaveri, as per  Sri Hari’s Sankalpa  Aparokshagnyaani Sri Raghavendrateertharu knowing the importance of Mantralaya  started his journey from Kumbhakonam to Mantralaya. Thus our Rayaru arrived from the bank of Kaveri to the bank of Tungabhadra   and  accepted  Mantralaya from  Sri  Siddi Masood Khan the  Nawab of Adoni through Diwan Venkanna. Who always lived with Rayaru making all the arrangements in Manchale to set up the houses of Brahmins and the Rayara  mutt. It is quite interesting   and important to note that it is Venkanna who arranged for Brindavana from Madhavara Shila  and was fortunate enough to hear the Last Speech of Rayaru and witness the Brindavana Pravesha of Sri Raghavendrateertharu, the most kind and the great Saint of this world. How Fortunate was our Venkanna !

The most favourite attender-Paricharaka-Shishyas of Sri Prahlada  by name Samhata and Prahata during Prahlad Avatara in Kruta Yuga Were  born in Kaliyuga and became the Parama Shishyas as Sri Appanacharya in Bhikshaalaya-Bichchali and Sri Krishnavadhootaru in Sandur both on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra. Sri Appanacharya of Bichchali became the most dearest and the favourite Shishya of Rayaru. For the  sake  of  the  Sacred, Siddhi Kshetra of Mantralaya and for the sake of Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya  Rayaru selected  Mantralaya to remain here in Yogamudra. Venkanna was unwilling to hand over Mantralaya as it was not a fertile land. Rayaru said I want only this Manchale, and  asked  Venkanna to dig there and found and showed the Angaara(ash)of Yagna -Yaaga performed during Prahlada Avatara and also found an idol of Sri Rudradevau i.e. Shivalinga worshipped at that time. Rayaru selected that Yaaga place for his Brindavana. Later Sri Yogeendrateertharu did the pratisthaapana of Sri RudraDevaru in front of the Brindavana i.e. at the right side of PraanaDevaru   facing to Rayaru. Praana Devaru was also made of Madhavara Shila. Madhavara Shila is full of Sanctity as Sri Rama Devaru has taken rest on that rock during the Vanavaasa .Rayaru explained all this to Diwan Venkanna.Diwan Venkanna and Siddi Masood Khan became the close Devotees of Rayaru. Their life turned fruitful as they offered Mantralaya as per the desire of Rayaru.

Diwan Venkanna with his strong faith in Rayaru found a metamorphosis change in his life and is bent with  gratitude  to  Mantralaya Rayaru.

The importance of  Mantralaya and Bhikshaalya

Ever Since Sri Raghavendrateertharu came to Mantralaya and started  living  there  Appanacharya became a close associate of Rayaru, their friendship grew. Sri Appanacharya accepted Rayaru as his Guru, Father, Friend, Wellwisher, Philosopher, Guide and God. Frequently Rayaru visited Bichchali stayed in the house of Appanacharya, they both used to sit on the Japadakatte, the most sacred place.It is important to note that Sri Sripadarajaru, Sri Vyasarajaru,Sri Jitamitraru have visited this sanctum and installed the idols of Sri NarasimhaDevaru,PraanaDevaru and Shesha Devaru. Such a Holy  place is Japadakatte on the bank of Tungabhadra in Bichchali.

Mantralaya Rayaru and Appanacharya have spent the most valuable time at Japadakatte and Rayaru was pleased with the Bhakti, Seva and the hospitality of Appanacharya. While Rayaru was in Bichchali Appanacharya himself was  grinding the Dal Chatni for Rayaru as Rayaru liked it very much.

Sri Appanacharya a highly intelligent personality with full of Knowledge, Culture, Rich Sanskrit Vocabulary, Pratibha-Imagination, the creativity power- Ashukavitva and above all  the pleasing and obedient manners were all liked by Rayaru very much. There is a saying in English as we grow old our fondness increases, like that   Sri Appanacharya and Rayaru were unable to bear , tolerate the separation of each other. Knew  their hearts each other.  Antarangapremi. The affectionate relationship grew and Rayaru understood that in the presence of Appanacharya the Brindavana  Pravesha is highly impossible. He   will  not  tolerate the separation and Appanacharya will never allow Rayaru to enter the  Brindavana.  So Rayaru sent Appanacharya for Madhwa Sanchara. Then Rayaru   asked  Venkanna to announce the day of Brindavana Pravesha on Shraavana Krishna Paksha Dwiteeya to all the Devotees. Thus our Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya is on the top of the list of the Mantralaya Devotees.

Sri Appanacharya came to know this news from others. With tears and sorrows started to Mantralaya from the Japadakatte of Bichchali At that time owing to the rainy season Tungabhadra river was in full spate. He never cared  for  that ! Remembering his Guru walked through the river, he was in deep sorrow,his heart throbbed for Rayaru started  saying Sripurna bodha guruteertha composed extempore. That much of  Devotional  Ecstasy, Faith he had in Rayaru.Tungamma paved the way for his Belief and Bhakti.By the time Appanacharya reached Mantralaya the last stone of the Brindavana was placed and he could not see his loving Guru. Appanacharya’s Stotra immediately stopped. He could not say   anything after Keerti Digwiditaa  Vibhutiratula Rayaru Completed the Stotra sitting in the Brindavana SAYING  Saakshi Hayastotrahi, at that Rayaru was chanting Hayagreeva Mantra.

Thus our Bichchali Sri Appanacharya’s Gurustotra,Dandaka, Gadya became very popular and famous. Rayaru is highly pleased with the Stotra and today we can find crores and crores of Devotees chant this Rayara Stotra ­ Gurustotra of Appancharya. The World will never forget the contribution of Bichchali Sri Appanacharya. In the past we have not seen such a Divine Imaginative Creativity and in future also we will never find. Such a great memorable Devotee is our Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya. In accordance with the will of Rayaru Appanacharya built the Ek Shila Brindavana of Rayaru on the Japadakatte on the bank of the Sacred Tungabhadra and spent the rest of his days in Japadakatte and Mantralaya always remembering Rayaru.


The importance of  Gurustotra and Sri Appanacharya

Dear  Devotees   Appanacharya has told this in Gurustotra. Om Sri Raghavendraaya Namaha is the Beejaakshara Mantra of Rayaru by Sri Appanacharya. Devotees chanting this Siddhi Mantra with Devotion will definitely get their things done, desires are fulfilled and there is no doubt about   that.Bichchali Appanacharya has challeneged this. The eight Sanskrit alphabets: Om Sri Raghavendraaya Namaha is the Sanjeevini Mantra to the Devotees.

The Beejaakshara Mantra Purifies our body, heart and mind and impart Siddhi.  So Agham Draavayate  Yasmaat Vemkaarao Vaanchhita Pradaha Raghavendra Yatis Tasmaat Lokae Khyato Bhavishyati.

Rayaru is not an ordinary Saint. He is an extra ordinary saint. So the Miracles of Rayaru are the Blessings of Sri Hari by His Grace in accordance with the Shaastras and are reconciled by the Philosophy of Sri Madacharya only to help and Uddhhaara and there by put the Devotees on the right path and increase Hari Bhakti as said in the last Speech of Mantralaya Rayaru.

Faith-Belief-Nambike of Sri GuruJagannathaDasaru

Regarding Faith ­ Belief ­ Bhakti ­ Nambike I like to quote the incident which happened in the life of Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru. In Kosigi (Koushika Kshetra) near Adoni, Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh (India), there lived a Sober, Satvika  couple by name Sri Venkatagiriacharya and Seetamma.Venkatagiriacharya a great Sanskrit Scholar,Pandit,a Devotee, a respectable man in Koushika Kshetra. Since several years passed they did not have any Santaana.So went to Ibharamapura, very near to Mantralaya about three miles. There lived a great Devotee Mantralaya Rayaru and Sri Panchamukhi Praana Devaru by  name  Sri Krishnacharya .He was an Aparokshagnyaani.Popularly called as Ibharamapura’s Appa.

When Venkatagiriacharya met Appa in his house Appa was just opening the pooja box to start the pooja.Venkatagiriacharya explained that they have no children, kindly Bless the Sat santaana. Do not worry acharya here is a pearl in this poojabox, just take it you will get a pearl like son, will shine your family,culture, society and the philosophy of our Sri Madacharya.

After a few months Seetamma gave birth to a male child and named as Swamiraya. Swamiraya did not read well, always indulged in playing and engaged in making mischief. Venkatagiriacharya the father worried a lot.Once a resident of Kosigi said if my son would have done this sort of mischief like Swamiraya I would have killed him. After hearing this Swamiraya  realised that he has wasted the precious time in childhood. He went to Kallur where his maternal uncle lived,   to learn and gain knowledge. But he was not in Kallur.Without waiting for his arrival,  straight away Swamiraya went to Budamaladoddi near Kosigi, there Maruti is very famous and Promising, full of Sanctity.Swamiraya did intense Seva to Budamaladoddi Maruti like a Tapasya.  In the night Pavamaana- Maruti appeared in his dream, wrote the Beejakshara on his tongue and said go home, Mantralaya Rayaru will come to your house and teach you. So   as per the dream Swamiraya came home. During night Rayaru came in his dream and stood before him. Swamiraya touched the feet and did saashtaanga namaskara.Rayaru also touched his head and Blessed Swamiraya. Immediately he became a gnyaani got full of knowledge of Vedas,Upanishadas and the Sri Madacharya Philosophy by the Anugraha of Rayaru. Swamiraya became Kosigi Swamirayacharya.Attained the creative capacity Pratibha Imaginative Power and wrote abundant literature about Mantralaya Rayaru,Sri Hari and Sri Madacharya and became Sri Guru Jagannatha Dasaru. Got the Ankita as Guru Jagannatha vithala, became Aparoksha Gnyaani ­ a great Devotee of Mantralaya Rayaru The joy of his father venkatagiriacharya knew no bonds.

By the Miracle of Rayaru Swamiraya became Guru Jagannatha Dasaru. He believed Mantralaya Rayaru  very strongly. His popular song is very well known :


This is a call to the Devotees of the Universe to Believe Mantralaya Rayaru. Those who   Believed Rayaru are all happy today. Rayaru inherited all this Himalayan Punya during Prahlada Avatara and today magnanimously distributing to all of us irrespective of caste and creed.

Dear Devotees I appeal to all to Believe Rayaru,have Faith in RAYARU.  A  rare Saint the world has ever seen. Look at the developments of Mantralaya and the Devotees. Look at Bhikshaalaya what an amount of Faith  and  Affection Sri Appanacharya had towards Rayaru. I hope that this Faith ­ Belief ­ Nambike many of you have experienced in your life,  where  ever  you are!

Mantralaya Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhouma’s Mantrakshatae, Mruttika,Sheshavastra are always the precious  Boon to the Devotees. Mantralaya Rayaru is sitting in the Brindavana guiding and Blessing all of us and always.

The Mangalashtaka of Rayaru written by Bhikshaalaya Sri Appanacharya:

Rangottunga Taranga Mangalakara Sri Tungabhdara Tatae
Pratyasthha Dwija Pungavaalaya Lasan
Navyendropala Neela Bhavyakara Vilasat
Sri Mat Sadguru Raghavendra Yatiraat Kuryaat Dhruvam Mangalam

Thank you one and all.  OM Sri Raghavendraaya Namaha

- Raghvendra Patwari.