Speech about GururRaghvendra - 2

(Extract of Satsanga held in Woodbridge,NewJersey,USA, Dated April 22th.2007)

Dear Devotees,

Good Morning. It is my pleasure to participate in today’s Satsanga. I am thankful to Rajaraman and Rashmi, Deepak and Vani  and  Mr.&Mrs. Balaji Raghavendran and to all the esteemed members of the Satsanga, for inviting me to address in the Satsanga. When I think  all  about   Satsanga, I feel and think  that our most Sacred Mantralaya is landed  in  New Jersey. It is a special occasion of Akshayatrateeya. On Vaishaakha Shukla Panchami April22nd, At the Sanctum of Yergol  the Tenth Pontiff of  our Sri  Sri Madacharya Parampara’s Yati Sri Ramachandrateertharu  entered the Brindavana. The Guru of Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. The Holiness of Rayara Mutt Sprinkled from Sri Vibudhendrateertharu.

Today I wish to describe regarding:

The Importance of Chaitra and Vaishakha Maasa

The Chaitra and Vaishaakha  Maasa are the most Sacred Maasas. In this Vaishakha Maasa, we have to worship the Maasa  Niyamaka Swami Madhusudana ­ Sri Hari ­ Sri ManNarayana  with Tulasi. It is of great punya. The meaning of Vaishakha is summer.Owing to the   summer season certain norms of offerings to God-Sri Hari ­ Vayu ­ Guru will lead to the betterment ­Siddhi ­Praapti and finally Mukti. In Chaitra Vaishakha Ugadi- Sri Rama Navami ­ Hanuma Jayanti ­ Sri Narasimha Jayanti ­ Sri Vedavyasa Jayanti ­ Sri Ramanuja Jayanti  and Koorma Jayanti  the festivals of devotional values have upheld the welfare of Manukula. Offering the Naivedya of Wet Dal (Bele Kosambari) and Paanaka (Juice) to God and also offering to the Brahmins - the Satvikas with Brahma Teja. By doing all this Sri Hari will be highly pleased.For this we call it as Vasanta Pooja.There is a saying "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha". Those who are on the right path ­ God will definitely help them. Dharma to hold, one who  holds Dharma  ­ the real values, the real values of Dharma will definitely protect and hold him good. So there are certain rules to follow in life regarding the Pooja­Vrata­Upavasa­Chaturmaasa etc. This is all for the attainment  of  Affection of Sri Hari­Hari­Vayu­Guru.In accordance with these guidelines our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu lead the life. Sitting in the Brindavana  on the bank of Tungabhadra benefitting the crores and crores of devotees of the Universe today.

The  Importance of Gandha Lepana on the eve of Akshayatraateya.

In the Vasanta Rutu the Nature will be glowing and pondering the joy and happiness despite the hot Sun and high temperature. Several important functions and celebrations will be during this Chaitra and Vaishakha. Performing the Pooja of Sri Hari with Gandha and Tulasi we will get Punya. Though we get ­ acquire very little Punya, Sri Hari will bestow us huge amount of best Phalas ­ best results. The auspicious and the most special day is Akshayatrateeya.Vaishakha Shukla Trateeya - the third day ­ is popular as Akshayatrateeya. Akshaya ­ never ending- always available in abundant. Whatever the good things ­ deeds we perform on this day will fetch the affection and blessings of Sri Hari. In Mantralaya our Rayara Mutt celebrates Akshayatrateeya in a unique way.In Kumbhakonam,Nanjanagud and also in some of the important places where Mruttika Brindavanas are in the folds of  Rayara  Mutt they also celebrate. Gandha Lepana to the entire Brindavana of Sri Gurusarvabhoumaru in Mantralaya on this day of Akshayatrateeya. From the early morning  only the Grinding - rubbing the Sandalwood to the Saane Kallu will begin by a group of the staff of the Sri Mutt. Devotees also join to this Sacred Seva. Lot of Sandal oil, Kesara  Pachakarpura and other high quality scents are added to the Gandha. The whole Sanctum will be full of fragrance.The Seva of extracting the Gandha is a thing to be seen. All will be Chanting the Bichchale Sri Appanacharya’s Gurustotra with Great Devotion. Those who understand the meaning of Stotra will simply fall in the feet of Rayaru and they will be in the realm of the Miracles of Mantralaya Rayaru.

In Sri Mutt there  is  always  abundant stock of Sandalwood. Regarding the obtaining of the Sandalwood logs, I have already described in Mantralaya(57). Now briefly I will mention that incident. It was during the days of Sri Sujayeendrateertharu, that when the Swamiji started verifying the stocks of Rice, Sugar, Dal, Dry coconut, Sugar candy, Mantrakshatae, Sheshavastra etc., came to know that there was no sufficient stock of Sandalwood. The 300 Years Aradhana of Mantralaya Rayaru was fast approaching. Sri Sujayeendrateertharu worried and  with intense devotion prayed  before Rayaru for the Sandalwood. The same day Rayaru appeared in the dream of the Forest officer of Dandeli and asked him to supply enough quantity of Sandalwood logs to Mantralaya as it is needed. And also appeared in the dream of Swamiji, that within six days a truck load of Sandal wood logs will come to Mantralaya. As per the schedule of Rayaru the forest officer Deshpande reached Mantralaya and unloaded the Sandalwood logs in the Sri Mutt, took the Darshana of Rayaru.Sri Sujayeendrateertharu Blessed Deshpande  with Phala Mantrakshatae, Parimala Prasada and Sheshavastra.

The joy of Sri Sujayeendrateertharu cannot be described in words. How Rayaru made allthe arrangements ! The wordings of Geeta  are true :
"Ananyaschintayanto Maam Yae Janaaha Paryupaasatae
Taeshaam Nityabhiyuktanaam Yogakshemam Vahaamyaham."

Those who worship, believe and surrender to me I will always take care of them.

Thus the Sri Mutt owned the stock of the Sandalwood. In Mantralaya the present pontiffs (Senior and Junior) Will breathe a sigh of relief and comfort, when there is the abundant stock of Rice, Dal , Sugar, Sugarcandy, Dry coconuts, Mantrakshatae, Mruttika, Rayara Pata and Sheshavastra etc. All the grandeur and sublime are beyond the reach  of  one’s imagination.  Looking  towards all this our Hari Dasas have actually danced in Mantralaya with over joy and ecstasy of Devotion.

By Gandha Lepana to Sri Hari ­ Vyau ­ Guru on this day of Akshayatrateeya we acquire lot of Punya Phala.In Mantralaya Gandha Lepana will be as below:

So the Gandha Lepana will be to the whole Brindavana  The main Alankara is only Sri Gandha Lepana. In   Kumbhakonam Gandha Lepana to Sri Vijayeendrateerthara Brindavana. In Bhikshaalaya also Gandha Lepana to Ek Shila Brindavana.

In Mantralaya Gandha Lepana to Rayaru is really worth seeing. The Archakas ­ hereditary  Archakas Pooja ­ Alankara ­ Mangalarati and Mahamangalarati do with utmost devotion, intense Sincerity  and above all with affection and Purity. Whole day the Alankara  of Akshayatrateeya will be blessing the devotees. I am fortunate to be in Mantralaya on this day of Akshayatrateeya for two times. The Gandha Lepana will impart cooling effect on this day of hot summer - Vaishaakha. All the devotees will receive Gandha-Akshatae-Angara at the time of Mahaprasada.

Next day the Archakas will distribute the Gandha applied to the Brindavana as prasada to the devotees. Such Gandha I have received in 1962 and 1966.I have still preserved with devotion, feel that Rayaru is with us through this Gandha. Thus the Gandha Lepana is the special attraction of Akshayatrateeya in Vaishaakha Maasa.
By seeing this sacred Gandha our heart goes back to the days of Rayaru’s Poorvaashrama. Sri Venkatanatha-wife Saraswatamma and son Laxminarayana were leading the pious life, always remembering Sri Hari. Though Sri Venkatanatha experienced the dire poverty, never felt sorry, nor complained nor asked Sri Hari to remove the poverty. In one paksha - in fifteen days Venkatanatha along with his wife and son used to observe four Ekadashis ­ never asked to Sri Hari for food. On the contrary performed the Pooja  with  great  enthusiasm, offered Patram Pushpam, Phalam,Toyam with devotion.

Once it happened that Sri Venkatanatha went to a house where some function was going on ! After seeing Venkatanatha, the Purohit of the house assigned Venkatanatha to extract the Sri Gandha and instructed that sufficient quantity of Gandha is to be extracted as the people are more.Sri Venkatanatabhattaru went on rubbing and rubbing the Sandal wood to the Saane Kallu. At that time all the Mantras one by one Chanting was completed and started chanting the Agnisukta. At the same time again the Purohit came and  threatened with loud voice this much is not sufficient, extract some more! Chanting the Agnisukta completed the work. The purohit distributed the Gandha to all the Brahmins., the Brahmins applied Gandha,  their body started burning. All complained the same and looked at the purohit, the owner of the house asked purohit what is this ? Purohit said I threatened Venkatabhattaru to extract more Gandha and at that time he was chanting Agnisukta.

When Venkatabhattaru came to know this, felt extremely sorry, due to his chanting several Brahmins got the burning and hurt them. The most kind Sri Venkatanathabhattaru chanted Varunasukta holding the Gandha in his hand. When this was distributed everybody experienced the cool soothing effect. The owner of the house-Yajamana beg to pardon him. From  that  day onwards Sri Venkatanatha stopped going to such functions, as his Mantra Siddhi  caused to hurt the Brahmins that too in the afternoon, before they were taking meals.

It is very important to know that Sri Mantralaya Rayaru had Mantra Siddhi even in Poorvaashrama also.

We can say that this is the First Miracle of Rayaru before he became the Swamiji.

Sri Raghavendrateertharu   put an end to Praeta Janma of  Saraswatamma  his Poorvaashrama wife and Bestowed Mukti.  This is the  First Miracle of  our  Sri Raghavendrateertharu after taking the charge of the pontiff. The First Miracle after entering  the Brindavana on the day of Shraavana Krishnapaksha Dwiteeya  was to Bichchale Sri APPANACHARYA- by Completing the Gurustotra, after  Keerti Digvidita Vibhutiratula- Sri Raghavendrateertharu  Pronounced from Brindavana SAAKSHI HAYASTOTRAHI.

Thus the Three first Miracles of Sri Raghavendrateertharu of Mantralaya are of great importance. The World will never forget these three incidents of Mantralaya Prabhu.

Even though Rayaru had this Power Rayaru never used for his personal benefit. All the Tatvabhimani Gods were always responding to Sri Venkatantha.

Even now when I see Gandha, this incident is  always comes to my memory. That day he grinded a lot, today abundant Gandha Lepana to Rayaru not only to him but also to all those who are in Mantralaya on the day of Akshayatrateeya. So it  is  the  most Sacred Festival in this Vaishaakha in Mantralaya.

Coming to the Mantralaya Kshetra the abode of Sri Gururaya is full of Sanctity. When we pronounce Mantralaya our heart will blossom, our body will get Devotional and Emotional lightning feeling. There is a great power and source of inspiration in Mantralaya .Devotees who have Believed  Rayaru firmly  for them Mantralaya is Pratyaksha  Kalpavraksha ­ Amaravati of Indra. To the patients Mantralaya is the cellar of Dhanvantari. Those who are in search and  fond of Gnyana-knowledge and Philosophy, for them Mantralaya is the university. To the homeless orphans Mantralaya is a great Shelter and will guide properly. Those who have done bad deeds in life, when repented,surrendered  Mantralaya has wiped off and washed off cleanly- so we call Mantralaya as Pavitraalaya. Our Sri JagannathaDasaru author of Sri Harikathamruta Saara and Sahlada the  brother of Sri Prahladarajaru has called Mantralaya as Mantra Niketana- House of Mantras. Mantralaya is situated on the bank of the Sacred Tungabhadra river, Taluka Adoni, District Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh(India).A Siddhi Place of several Sadhus and Sanyaasis. A Sanctum of all the Mantras Siddhi, a total sum of Punya is stranded in the black and the hard  soil  of Mantralaya. Always the Sun is bright and the temperature is high, thus burning the paapaas of all of us.Sweet Water Tungabhadra is quite healing and soothing. In Mantralaya the Anna Santarpane- serving    sumptuous food to all the Devotees irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion and Nation is to be carved in the Golden letters.

When we say all about Mantralaya, the question arises, how is that? What is the secret behind? The answer is very simple in one sentence Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhoumaru .As our Karuna Samudra the ocean of Mercy and Kindness  Sri Raghavendrateertharu is alive in the Brindavana in Mantralaya. So it is the Sanctum of Miracles. Mantralaya is holding the Purna Kumbha of Punya to serve the needy and the desirous. For the  Uddhaara of all of us.  Rayaru is   magnanimously  and Continuously distributing  the Himalyan Punya to all of us. So, Mantralaya is attracting the Sajjanas like a magnet.

Rayaru would have lived and walked along with us, by using his Punya. But never used, showed that super power for his sake. Obeyed the verdict of Sri Hari , respected the Manu Dharma. Sitting in the Brindavana Rayaru is doing the abundant and voluminous welfare to the Manukula. Devotees we are lucky to have Mantralaya as it is a treasure of Punya and a strong fort to protect the Devotees. Owing to the Yaaga during Sri Prahladarajaru Mantralaya is the Siddhi place. The Eleventh Pontiff of our Sri Srimadacharya  parampara,  Our  Sri  Vibudhendrateertharu the Pioneer of our Rayara Mutt performed Tapasya in Mantralaya.

Added to this the Paramaanugraha of Devi Manchalemma is to be remembered always.Manchalemma  happily offered shlter to Rayaru to stay in Mantralaya. The Sacred  Neela Bhavya  Brindavana of  Sri Raghavendrateertharu  is the Central and the main attraction of the Devotees. All the Gods and Yatis are in Rayara Brindavana .By the Darshana of Rayaru in Mantralaya our heart simply throbs with Devotion, we forget the whole world, in the midst of joy, tears roll on our cheeks i.e. nothing but the Ananda Bhashpa.

It is not possible to describe Mantralaya only with  this  much ! Still there is abundant subject matter to be described. Our Aparoksha Gnyani Sri Vijaya Dasaru has sung in the padas:

"Kshitiyolagae Manchale Graamakke
Prati Illa Yendenisikombodu

Nodide Gurugala Nodide
Nodidenu Guru Raghavendrara
Maadidenu Bhaktiyali Vandane
Bedidenu Kondadi Varagala
Eedu Illade Mereva Mahimara
Mitavu Yenadiri Illi Dina Dinakatishayava
Aaguvadu Bhoosura Tatige Bhojana
Katha Shravana Bharata Puranagalinda Vapputa
Kshitiyolage Manchale Graamakke
Prati Illa Vendenisi Kombodu"

The Sevas  and  Utsavas round the Praakaara in Mantralaya are all beyond the reach of all the descriptions and imagination. Now there are two Elephants for Seva. Rayaru accepts all this Vaibhava and immediately offers the entire Utsava Vaibhava to Sri Hari. Thus increasing  and  enhancing  His Punya in manifolds. One should practically participate in Utsavas and enjoy the Devotional Values in Mantralaya. We pray and Surrender to the divinity of Mantralaya Prabhu.

Dear devotees while concluding my address, I wish to quote the Mangalashtaka of Bichchale Sri Appanacharya:

Devotees performing the Seva with intense Devotion to Rayara Brindavana in Mantralaya by Pradakshina,Namaskara,Abhisheka, Chanting of Gurustotra Mruttika Lepana to their body will get Chaturvidha Purushaartha i. e. Dharma­Artha­Kama­Moksha and Sri RaghavendraSwami, the Kind and the Best Guru Yatiraat will always Bless and Bestow the Finest things in life what all we Desire.

If we are in the frame work of right path, we will definitely be in the folds of Rayaru and enjoying the Network of Mantralaya Rayaru.

Yadvrindavana Sapradakshina Namaskarabhisheka Stuti
Dhyanaaraadhana Mrudvilepana Mukhanekopachaaraan Sada
Kaarankaaram bhiprayaanti Chaturo Lokaha Pramarthaan
Sri Mat Sadguru Raghavendra Yatiraat Kuryaat Dhruvam

Thank you everybody. Om Sri Raghavendraaya Namaha..

- Raghvendra Patwari.