Bhikshaalya surrounded by beautiful panorama of natural beauty with trees and greenery every where. Here  for Appanacharyaru
GuruRaghavendra is staying in the Brindavana. This is the most scared place and one should visit this place and experience the spiritual
power around this place.Sri Padarajaru has done the Pratishthhaapana of Sri Ugra  Narasimha Devaru.  Sri Vyasarajaru did the
Pratishthaapana  of  Sri Praana Devaru designed by  himself.  Sri Jitamitru has made here the Pratishthhaapana of Shesha.Full of
Sacredness and Sanctity in Bichchale,Mother Nature’s abundant gift glorified the place by leaps and bounds. There are more than  seven
hundreds of Naga Shilaas  there, we can find every where. The Sheshas-Serpents are the watch and guard to this Sanctum.

Raghavendra Brindavana at Bhikshaalya