(Vijayeendra Karaabjothha Sudheendra Vara Putrakaha)

Date : July 19, 2018


Dear Devotees: Namaskara.


The above shloka describes the rebirth of Sri Vibudhendrateertharu for the Seva of Sri Mann  MoolaRamaarchana. At the time of handing over Sri Vishnuteertharu  to Sri Surendrateertharu our great Sri Vyasarajaru pronounced these wordings. Among all the Paramahamsaru Sri Vishnuteertharu will be very famous and popular. So now I am offering Sri Vibudhendrateertharu Sri Vishnuteertharu  to your vidyamatha


Further Sri Vyasarajaru with great affection and love holding the hand  of Sri Vishnuteerthararu said to Sri Surendrateertharu, please accept this yati and take him to your matha and he will shine certainly as the best paramahamsaru of Vidyamatha. They exchange of dandakamandalu of Sri Vyasarajamatha to  Vidyamatha. The formalities of Taptamudraadhaarana and the Pattaabhishekotsava the sworn in ceremony as Sri Vijayeendrateertharu completed. Sri Surendrateertharu in the presence of Sri Vyasaraja yatisarva gurusarvabhoumaru all this took place in a miraculous way

The fulfillment of strong desires lead to rebirth towards the POOJAA BHAAGYA of Sri MoolaRamadevaru and the gist of Vijayeendra Karaabjothha Sudheendra Vara Putrakaha described in Mantralaya(785).


Our Peethhaadhipati Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateertharu Peethhaadhipati celebrated the Aradhana of our Parama Guru Sri Vijayeendrateertharu in Kumbhakonam with grandeur and devotion as per the rich heritage and high and tradition of  Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s saakshaat parampara of Jagadguru Acharya SriMannMadhwacharyaru. Our Swamiji H.H. Sri Subudhendrateertharu  blessed the Mantralaya devotees on this auspicious and memorable occasion. We offer our gratitude and high regards to Karmaja Devata Sri Shankukarna Avataara Lokoddhaara Manukuloddhaara Dwaitamata Sri Harisarvottamatva Sri Vayujeevottamatva Saaroddhaara Saara sarvswa are Trikaala smaraneeya of our Sri Prahaladarajaru  -  Sri Bahleekarajaru  - Sri Vyasarajaru and Sri Raghavendrateertharu ! Sri Hari’s abundant affection and puraanugraha blossomed the divinity of mahima in all the four avataaras.  This is memorable as long as the Sun and the Moon are shining in the sky - Aachandraarka.

Bittoo bidade Naalkoo avataaragalali  Yesagida Mahopakaara
Mahime Aachandraarka !

We are amazed to know the encircling of devotion and love of the cordial relations of Guru Shishya. Great Paramaguru Sri Vijayeendrateertharu was the dearest student of Sri Vyasarajarateertharu. Parama  shishyaru aaptaru priyaru ! Sri Vijayeendrateertharu Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s Saakshaat Parampara  Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyara Moolamahasamsthhaana Vidya Matha’s 15th Swamiji. A towering personality in all respects. I wish to share the sacred details of  Sri Vijayeendrateertharu.

Sri  Vaageeshateertharu the 9th pontiff from Sri MannMadhwaryaru. Swamiji during the sanchara accompanied Sri Madhava Shastri owing to his extraordinary ability of  Dwaita Adwaita Vaada. Swamiji highly impressed towards his knowledge gave sanyasa  ashrama and made him as his successor and named as Sri Ramachandrateerthatu – the 10th Paramahamsacharyaru. Lived in Yergol owing to the holiness of Yergol. There is a cave which is in the shape of Shankha in the hilly region. Actually the Eastern ghat starts from this hilly area and is stretched up to Shree Shailam This cave was the ashrama Shankhu Rushi. So it is Sri Shankhu Rushyahrama, performed japa and tapa here only. Sri Jaiteertharu the sixth pontiff from our great Kulaguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru knew the importance and the sacredness. Wrote all the Teekaas, as it is quite lonely and filled with  deep and immense profound silence. It is quite interesting and encouraging to know that Sri Ramachandrateertharu during the regular Digvijaya  Sanchaara reached Sri Rangapattana. Kashinatha  a great scholar of Adwaita called for the debate of Dwaita Adwaita ! Sri Ramachandrateertharu at that was accompanying with his purvashrama nephew Sri Raghunathabhattaru an accomplished scholar stood and supported in vaada the debate of DWAITAADWAITA to  Ramachandrateertharu. Finally Sri Kashinath accepted his defeat and gave Jayapatra to Sri Ramachandrateertharu. The Adwaita scholar was Ajeya, no one has defeated him so far. Sri Ramachandrateertharu amazed to know the extraordinary knowledge, imagination -Pratibha, efficient and well versed in all the branches of knowledge. The style of debate impressed Sri Ramachandrateertharu. Really he was in dire need of an undaunted scholar to be his successor. Felt happy to know his amicable character, devotion, honest and submissive nature of obedience. Desired the popular saying of :


Sri Ramachandrateertharu imparted Sanyasa ashrama completed with grandeur the sworn in ceremony of paramahamsatva and did the Naamakarana as SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHARU the 11th. Pontiff from our Sri MannMadhwacharyaru. Felt extremely for getting the golden chance of worshipping the most sacred SRI MOOLARAMADEVA In those days  Adwaita was very strong. They were inviting the Dwaitees for the debate of  Dwaita Adwaita. Sri Ramachandrateertharu received such an invitation from Kashi.

Sri Ramachandrateertharu sent his successor for the debate of Dwaita Adwaita to Kashi. Participated and became victorious. Received the Jaypatra and  all the presentations of felicitation. Returned to Yergol  to offer  the great honour to the lotus feet of Sri Ramachandrateertharu. But disappointed greatly to look at the Brindavana of his guru Sri Ramachandraeertharu. Sri Krishnacharya of Shiroormath had become the successor of Sri Ramachandrateertharu as Sri Vidyanidhiteertharu. Felt sorry for missing the chance of Sri MoolaRamaarchana. As Sri Vibudhendrateertharu grew the strong desire of the Archana of Sri MoolaRama to our  Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. Great accomplished scholar, gnyana bhakti vairagya paripurna  paramahamsa shreshthha  Sri Vibudhendrateertharu  continued Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s  Saakshaat Parampara Jagdguru Sri MannMadhwacharyara  Moolamahasamsthhaana made Sri  Rudramsha Shanubhoga Sri Anantappa of Agnihal and gave Sanyasa Ashrama pradaana to  the great chetana Anantappa as Sri Sri Jitamitrateertharu the twelfth Swamiji  and blessed. These two great chetanas  strong desire and the Sankalpa of Sri MoolaRamaarchanaa, took rebirth. Such a fortunate and lucky paramahamsaryaru of ourMoolamhasamsthhaana  Vidyamatha .Reborn as  Sri Vithalacharyaru and  became Sri Vjayeendrateertharu, Paramaguru of our Vidyamatha - Sri Narayanacharyaru also  became  Sri Sudheendrateertharu, Guruvaryaru of Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

Sri Vyasarajaru  during the sanchara from Hampi to  Kushtagi, in the middle came across a village by name Nagalapura. Aparokshagnyani Yatishreshthha Sri Vyasajaru desired to meet the head of the village Nagalapura. Went to his residence. He was pretty aged and old even his wife too. The senior couple did not have the santaana bhaagya so far. That was worrying a lot.  Told APUTRASYA GATIR NAASTI with grief they fell on the lotus feet and performed the Abhisheka with tears. Kind Sri Vyasarajaru consoled the senior aged couple and said why do you worry ! Nothing is impossible to Sri Krishna Paramatma. Swami is with all to protect and safeguard the interests of the Satvika Sajjana Sadaachaarees. Definitely you both are going to become father and mother. Sri Vyasarajaru blessed whole heartedly saying SUPUTRAAHAA AVAAPTIRASTU – not one but you are blessed with two sons. You have to hand over me your first son. Happily agreed to the condition of Sri Vyasarajateertharu. The aged Gramaadhipati is none but the grandson of purvashrama brother of Sri Jaiteertha Teekakrutpaadacharyaru, the 6th pontiff of our  Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s saakshaat parampara of Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s Moolamahasamsthhana. Vruddha Dampati as per the paramaanugraha of Sri Vyasarajaru they got the first son named him as Vithala and the second one as Guruprasad. After a few years Sri Vyasarajaru again visited Nagalapura and went to the house of Senior couple. Senior couple became extremely happy. Both Vithala and Guruprasad performed saashtaanga namaskara to the lotus feet of Sri Vyasarajateertha Yativarenyaru. The joy and the happiness of swamiji knew no bonds. Highly impressed to the extraordinary  divine bliss of Vithala. The honest, obedient kind nature, knowledge of intellect was shining on his face. Teja Oja cannot be described in words. As per the condition the Purvashrama Poutra of Sri Jaiteertharu offered Vithala to Sri Vyasarajaru. It is quite amazing to know all the details of Vithala. He was none but Sri Vbudhendrateertharu.Reborn as per the desire of Sri MoolaRamaarchana. Sri Vyasarajateertharu nourished and cherished the young Vithala, became the father, guardian, teacher and everything. Karuni Sri Vyasarajateertharu noticing the Veda Shastra Adhyayana Gnyana Pratibhapurna in each and every action of Vithala Sri Vyasarajaru came to the conclusion that no one is able to conquer this profound perfect scholar in this world. Greatly satisfied and decided that Vithala is none but the eleventh pontiff  Sri Vibudhendrateertharu.

As per the snkalpa of Sri Hari the 14th Yativarya Sri Surendrateertharu came to Anegundi and camped. One day on the bank of Tngabhadra at one side and on their other side the island( at that time it was not called as Navavrundavana)  there was a rocky bed. Maanasa Pooja Yogi Sri Surendrateertharu selected that sacred spot to perform the Pooja of  Sri Moolamahasamsthhaana Sri MoolaRamarapooja with devotion and complete involvement. Yogaa Yoga  King of Vijayanagara Hampi Sri Ramaraya  got the information that Mahaan Tejaswi Swamiji is performing the pooja in Aegundi, in between the bank of Tungahadra and  on the rocky bed adjacent to the sacred island. Invited Rajaguru Sri Vyasarajaru and enquired. Swamiji reported that he belongs to the vidyamatha Sri Surendrateertharu and not Sri Vidyanidhiteertharu. King requested Rajaguru to welcome such a greatswamiji to Vijayanagara. Able noble Aparokshagnyani knew that Sri Surendrateertharu is of Vidyamatha. Sri Vibudhendrateertharu, Sri Jitamitrateertharu, Sri Raghunandanateertharu and now Sri Surendrateertharu. It is the strong desire and the Sankalpa of Sri Hari Sri Vedavyasa Sri Narahari Manthhaanadamakar Sri Krishna Krishnatmaka Sri MoolaRamadevaru that Sri Vyasarajaru and   Sri Suredrateertharu must meet on this holy place, and convey the details of Sri Vibudhendrateertharu,s rebirth as Vithalacharya. Both met cordially and welcomed to Hampi.  King and Rajaguru Sri Vyasarajaru, the paraphernalia of Sri Vyasarajamatha, devotees and sajjanas welcomed Vidyamatha Swamiji Maanasa Pooja Yogivarya Sri Surendrateertharu with great honour and respect. Already impressed SriVyasarajaru knowing the parama vairagya and gnyana gave sanyasa as Sri Vishnuteertharu to Sri Baala Vithala. Clarified to Sri Surendrateertharu that Vithala – Vishnuteertha is none but Sri Vibudhendrateertharu and Pleaded  to accept Sri Vishnuteertha as his successor and to be named as Sri Vijayeendrateertharu – the 15th paramahamsaru and also find Sri Narayanacharyaru and him the successor of Sri Vjayeendrateertharu as Sri Sudheendrateertharu.

Sri Vyasarajaru thus gave his dearest shishya Sri Vishnuteertharu  in the safe hands of  Maanasapooja yogivarenya Sri Surendrateertharu and requested to name as Sri Vijayeendrateertharu and said that the towering  great personality will mark the golden era of Vidyamatha in all respects and very memorable in the history of Dwaita Siddhanta. Telling after all this Sri Vyasarajaru revealed that now I am the worshipper of Sri Krishna, I too has a desire to worship Sri MoolaRamadevaru, will take rebirth as Sri Venkatanatharu and accept paramahamsatva and become the successor of Sri Sudheendrateertharu as Sri Raghavendrateertharu. Thus take SRI RAGHAVENDRA AVATAARA. All the cordiality of  our great Mahaan Sri Vibudhendrateertha matha Vidyamatha  Sri Vijayeendrateertha Kumbhakonamatha are all the sacred  spirals of our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru.

We the devotees of Mantralaya are really highly fortunate and lucky to know the great  mahima of SRIMANN MOOLARAMA POOJAAKAANKSHA by our Paramahamsaryaru. The most holy and sacred sentence of Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru’s  Gurustotra is really meaningful.

Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyara  Gurustotra vaakya

Sri Vyasarajaru’s Guruvarya Sri Shreepadarajaru studied under the able guidance of  guru Sri Vibudhendrateertharu. Took rebirth as Vithala, by great Sri Vyasarajaru became Sri Vishnuteertharu and continued the holy Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatma’s saakshaat Parampara Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyaru’s moolamahasamsthhana vidya matha as Sri Surendrateertharu made Sri  Vishnuteertharu as his successor Sri Vijayeendrateertharu and  Sri Narayanacharyaru( Rudramsha Sri Jitamitrateertharu) as Sri Sudheendrateertharu. Sri Sudheendrateertharu was also always  victorious - VISHRUTO AHAMIVA VAADA SANGARE.

Sri Vijayeendrateertharu AJEYARU - always victorious , won the great Shaiva scholar of Kumbhakonam Sri Lingaraja in the debate and got the present building of Sri Vijayeendramatha of Kumbhakonam. Efficient and expert in all the arts of 64. The credit of 104 granthhas is  remembered always. The honour of PARAMAGURU is quite appropriate and meaningful.

The famous and popular slogan of SRI MOOLARAMASTU MANNMATHE is special in all respects.






Hoda vaaravshte ParamaGuru Sri Vijayeendrateerthara Aaradhaneya

Peethhaadhipati Parama Poojya Sri Subudhendrateertharu bhakti vaibhavadi

Kumbhakoneyali Neraverisi Mantralaya bhaktara anugrahisi

Manasaare Harakeya Dayapaalisiharu ! Karmaja Devate

Sri Shankukarnara Avataara Lokoddhaara Manukuloddhaara

Dwaitamata Sri Harisarvottamatva Sri Vayujeevottamatva Saara sarvswa

Sevaabhagyadi Dhanyaraadavare Namma Sri Prahalada Sri Bahleeka

Sri Vyasaraja Sri Raghavendrateertharu !

Bittoo bidade Naalkoo avataaragalali  Yesagida Mahatkaarya

Mahime Aachandraarka ! Rayara suttuvarida Mahimegala Mahapoora !

Sri Vijayeendrateertharu Sri Vyasarajara Parama shishyaru aaptaru priyaru

Sri Vijayeendrateertharu Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatmana Saakshaat

Parampare Jagadguru Sri MannMadhwacharyara Moolamahasamsthhaana

Prastuta Mantralaya Saraniyali Parama Guru Parama  Poojya

Sri Vijayeendrateerthara Punya chariteya vivaripenu varnipenu

Vishwada Mantralaya bhaktarige vinaya santasadi! Nijakko Rochaka !

Acharya Sri Madhwarya Gurugalinda 10 neya Yativarya

Sri Ramachandrateertharanu 9 neya yativarya Sri Vageeshateertharu

Tamma Uttaraadhikaariya  Padeda Bage Atyanta Rochaka !

Sri Ramachandrateerthara Purvashranaama Sri Madhavashastri

Sri Vageeshateerthara  Dwaita Tatva Tirulige Manasotu

Sri Harisarvottama Sri Vayujeevottama Saaruvali Neravaadaru

Vidwattu Paandityake Mechchi Shishyarannaagi swaeekarisi sanyasavittu

Sri Ramachandrateertha Yendu Naamakaranagaidaru

Vamme Sanchaara kramadali Sri Ramachandrateertharu Sri Rangapattanake

Bandaaga Alli Kashinatha yemba prakaanda Adwaitiya vaadadali Geddu

Jayapatra Padedaru ! Aa sandarbhadale tamma purvashrama bandhu

Sri Raghunathabhattara Agaadha Pratibhe Paanditya Vaagvaikhari

Vaadashyali bhakti vinaya valumege Mechchi


Paramahamsaashrama vittu Sri Vibudhendrateertharendu Hesaranittaru


Labhisidudake Higgidaru Sri Vibudhendrateertharu !

Aaga Adwaita Praabalya sarvatra Kasiyinda Aahwaana Dwaita Adwaita

Vaadake Sri Ramachandrateertharige! Tamma Uttaraadhikaari

Sri Vibudhendrateertharanu Kalisidaru Kashige ! Jayashaaliyaagi Kasiyinda

Yeragolake Baralu Guru Sri Ramachandrateertharu Brindavanasthharu

Innorva Udupiya Shiroora mathada Sri Krishnacharyaru Sri Vidyanidhteertharu

Alli Peethha Vijrambhisiharu ! Sri MoolaRama Pooje Labhisade

Sri MoolaRama Poojaapekshe Balavayetu  Sri Vibudhendrateertharu

Medhaavi Aparimta Bhaktti gnyana vairagya sampannaru

Sri Hamsanaamaka Paramatmana Saakshaat Parampare Jagdguru

Sri MannMadhwacharyara  Moolamahasamsthhaana Munduvarisalu

Rudramsha Shanubhoga Sri Anantapparige Sanyasavittu Sri Jitamitrateertharu

Yendu Naamakaranadi Harasidaru Bahuvaagi !  Ivareervaroo

Sri MoolaRamaarchanaa bhaagyake Marujanma padeda Sudaivee Suchetanaru




Sri Vyasarajaru Vamme Sanchaara Kramadali Hampeyinda Kushtagige

Horataaga Madhyadali Nagalapura Sikkaaga Aparokshagnyani

Yatishreshthha Sri Vyasajaru Nagalapurada Graamaadhipatiya Kaanuva Bayake

Hodaru avara nivaasake ! Dampatigalibbaroo Vruddharu  Santaanavaagilla

APUTRASYA GATIR NAASTI  Yenuta Dukhkha Todikondu

Alutatula Sri Vyasarajara Paadakamalgalige Kanneera Abhishekagaidaru

Karunigalu Santaisidaru Chintisadiri Satvika Sajjana Sadaachaarigale


Vabba Maganashte alla Sri Krishna Paramaanugrahadi Janisuvaru

Ibbaru Gandumaakalu Vabba Magananu neevu namage vappisabekenalu

Anandadi Aayetu Guruvarya ! Yendaraa vruddha dampatigalu

Aa vruddha dampatigalu beraaroo alla !

Sri Jaiteertha Teekakrutpadara purvashrama sodara

Sri Naraharinayakara poutraru ! Vishwada bhaktare intihudu mahime hirime

Punaha kelavu varushaanantara Nagalapurake Sri Vyasarajaru Bandu

Graamaadhipatiya Manege Baralu Ibbaroo Vruddha Damptaigalu

Tamma Ibbaroo Yeleyaranu Karedaru santasadi

Muddaada Gandumakkala nodi Aasheervadisidaru

Alli Vithalana Padedu Shree mathadali Laalane Paalane Aarambha

Vithalana Buddhivantike bhakti vairagya vinaya tejake taledoogi

Sanyasatva needi Sri Vishnuteertharendu Naamakaranagaidaru

Karuni Sri Vyasarajateertharu ! Veda Shastra Adhyayana Gnyana

Pratibheyali yaaroo meerisalagaada pakvate parinatige

Taledoogi SRI VIBUDHENDRATEERTHAU YENDU Khachitayetu manake !


14 Neya Yativarya Sri Surendrateertharu Vamme Hampege Bandu

Anegundiyali Tungabhadreya Dadada Haasugallina Mele

Sri Moolamahasamsthhaana Sri MoolaRamarapooje Bhaktiyalimaadidaru

Allina Nadugaddege Sameepa !  Aaginnoo Ee Nadugaddege

NAVAVRUNDAVANA  Yemba Hesaru Iddilla  Yogaayoga Sri Vedavyasa Sri Narahari

Manthhaanadamakar Sri Krishna Krishnatmaka Sri MoolaRamadevara Sankalpa Ichchhe

Sri Vyasarajara Sri Suredrateerthara Atyapoorva Milana !  VIDYAMATHA Yatiyendu

Tiliyitu Sri Vyasarajateertharige !  Aparokshagnyanigalu Aritaru

Bhavya swaagata Hampeyali Swataha Arasaru Rajaguru Sri Vyasarajaru

Mathada bhaktaru shishya parivaara sahita MAANASA POOJAA YOGIVARYARIGE

GOURAVA SAKALA SANMAANA ! Sri Vishnuteerthara Janma vruttanta

Aruhi Sri Vyasarajaru Tamma jeevada shishyaranu Vidyamatha Paramahamsarannaagi

Sweekarisi Sri Vijayeendrateertharendu Naamakarana Soochane

Sri Jitamitrateertharu Sri Narayanacharyaraagi Avtaara Avaranu

Sri Vijayeedrateerthara uttaraadhikaariya maadi Sri Sudheendrateertharu

Yemba Naamakaranake Salahe itta Sri Vyasarajara Punya Apaara Adbhuta

Aste alla Taavu Sri Krishna Poojakaru Aaraadhakaru !  SRI MOOLARAMA POOJAAKAANKSHI

Avataara Sri Raghavendrateertharu Aagi Yendella Tilisi Vidyamatha

Ghanate Mahime Garimege Kaaraneebhootaru


Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyara  Gurustotra vaakya


Yembudu yeshtu Arthhapurna ! Sri Vijayeendrateertharu

Sri Vibudhendraavataaradali Sri Vyasarajara Guru Sri Shreepadarajaru

Sri Vibudhendrateerthara Shishyaru !  Sri Raghavendrateertharu Purvaavatara

Sri Vyasarajaru Tamma Gurugalemba Gouravaa Sri Vijayeendrateertharige

Parama Gurubhaava Muppuriyali Vidya Matha Rayara Matha

Mantralayamatha Dhavala Keerti Ajaraamara

Sri Harisarvottama Hirime Mahime Saakaaragolisida Ajeya Shreya

Indigoo Abaadhita ! 104 Chaturadhikashata Granthha

Sri Vijayeendrateertharige  64 Kalegalali Karatalaamalakaru

Shaiva Sri Lingarajaranu Geddu Matha Padedu Beleyisida

Sri Hari Paaramya Mereda Shreyobhaajanaru Sri Vijayeendrateertharu

|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||