(Wish you happy Mantralaya-500, Samarpana of 500 th Tulasi Dala)

Date : Feb 21 2013

Congratulations to Sri Raghavendra Patwari on the successful completion of Mantralaya 500  from world devotees


Dear Devotees: Namaskara.

Jaraa Hartaa Jagat Poojyo Jayantee Vruta Tatparaha
Jayado Kaya Kartaa Cha Jagat Kshemakaro Jayee

Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the only Saint who can wipe off the pains of oldage and remove the oldage Jaraa Hartaa, So Rayaru is regarded by the devotees through out the world, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation and gender. To impart victory, to create success and for the welfare of the world Sri Raghavendrateertharu is in Mantralaya Vruta Tatparaha - Deergha Akhanda Japa of Sri Hari.

By the Paramaanugraha of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru the Mantralaya Series reached 500.

Yanmoole Sarva Teerthhaani Yanmadhye Sarva Devataahaa
Yadagre Vedaahaa Cha Tulasi Tvaam Namaami Aham
Tulasi Shri Sakhi Shubhe Paapahaarini Punyade
Namaste Naarada Nute Narayana Manaha Priye

1008 Tulasi Dala Maala Samarpana to our Mantralaya Yatiraat Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru is the Sankalpa of Sri Hari Sri Vayu Sri Guru Madhwaru. It is the strong desire of this humble devotee - devotee of devotees of Sri Raghavendrateertharu in the form of Mantralaya Series. Here is the Samarpana of 500 th Tulasi Dala.

Gururaat Raghavendrasya Ekaikasmin Pradakshine
Sapta Dweepa Mahee YaatraPhalam Vindati Maanavaha

Our Gururaat Yatiraat Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu is so great Punyavantaru that Sri Krishnavadhootaru has described in Sri RaghavendraTantra that Devotees performing the Pradkshina of  Sri Raghavendrateertharu in Mantralaya with great devotion will yield the benefit of  all the Yatras of this world (Sapta Dweepa Mahee Yaatra Phala).

Mantralaya Rayara Seva in the form of Mantralaya Series - Sharing the Mahima, the kind concern of Mantralaya Rayaru with the devotees every week and the Samarpana of 500 th Tulasi Dala are described in Mantralaya(500).


Happy to be with you all with Mantralaya(500). Today is the most auspicious day as Devarushi Sri Naarada Maharshi Avataari our great Dasashreshthha Sri Purandaradasaru has said in one of the Padas:

Indina Dinave Shubha Dinavu
Indina Vaara Subha Vaara
Indina Yoga Shubha Yoga

The last but one day of Maagha Snaana Samapti, Maagha Shukla Chaturdashi, next day of Antyapushakarini, the very next day is Poornima Vyasa Poornima - Bhaarata Hunnime, Married women will offer Baagina Morada - Baagina to attain Siddhi and Punya. We have all gathered here on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra for Samarpana with devotion to our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. Dhruva a young lad of seven years, the son of Uthhaanapadaraya went to a thick forest for Tapasy - Ugra Tapa remembering and seeing Sri Hari through his inward eyes. Sri Vishnu amazed to see the Sankalpa, the courage and the intense  concentration of  the Bhakti of Dhruva. One day Swami became Pratyaksha. Opened his eyes, simply stunned to see the Bhavya Divya the most handsome Roopa of Sri Vishnu. Tried to praise, but could not speak out spell out, secondly Dhruva a child of seven years yet to study could not find the appropriate wordings to describe the Bhavya Divya Roopa of Sri Narayana. Simply surrendered to Swami Sri Hari. At that time Sri Hari touched his Shankha to the cheek of Dhruva with smile and warm affection. Immediately Dhruva Pronounced the below shloka, It sounded like Omkaara Naada.

Yo Antaha Pravishya Mama Vaacham Imaam Prasutpaam
Sanjeevatyakhila Shaktidharaha Swadhaamnaa
Anyamscha Hasta Charana Shravanatvagaadeen
Praanaan Namo Bhagavate Purushyaaya Tubhyam

Sarva Tantra Swatantra Sarvatra Paripurna Swami Sarva Shakta Sri Hari you entered in me and awakened the imagination and made me perform your Stotra, I am grateful to you!. Today you are kind enough to offer your Pratyaksha Darshana, activated all the senses and resumed  to normal functioning.This is told in Bhaagavata by Bhakta Dhruva.In the same way by the Paramaanugraha of Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru the Mantralaya Seva began through Mantralaya Series by this devotee of devotees. It is my fortune that Rayaru offered me a great golden opportunity to share the Mahima and the Greatness of our Yatiraat Gururaat with the world devotees through internet Abundant devotees came into contact and delighted with their satsanga.The webmaster Rajaraman is too kind to publish and encourage the Mantralaya Series. The sober and the noble selfless Seva, running the website from his own expenses, without accepting the advertisements enhanced the Sanctity and the importance of M ntralaya  and Sri Raghavendrateertharu to the whole world. As days, months and years passed on, the affectionate  regard and the friendship of  Ram grew like Mantralaya Series and now this Rayara Parama Devotee is more than a relative for me today. In course of time this Mantralaya Series became popular and dear to all. Today on this auspicious day Devotees are happy to receive 500 Tulasi Dalas  - Mantralaya(500) and confident that Rayaru will complete this Tulasi Dala Maala of 1008. Yet 508 will be added by our Karunaalu Mantralaya Rayaru. It is the will and the wish of our Rayaru to accept the Seva by this ordinary devotee of devotees. Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the  inspirer for the Mantralaya Series. Spontaneously the ideas, the incidents and the devotion  flowed and overflowed like a fountain and Dedicated to the Mantralaya Seva.

My premature birth in seven months is responsible for quick action and activeness my mother was always telling me and she believed that this is the secret of success of her son. Always quick and fast in all the works and the undertakings. It seems that knowing this Sri Guru Raghavendrateertharu Desired the Deergha Seva Karya, charged and recharged my health, strength and the vigor in a miraculous way. Thus Rayaru continued the Mantralaya Seva- Mantralaya  Series. Words fall short to describe the kind concern and the affection of our Rayaru.

Bhaktaanugraha Premi Sarvatra Sarva Karyeshu Jaya Pradaata
Tvameva Sarvaswa Mama Dehi Karaavalambam Guru Raghavendra

At each and every step I remember our Rayaru. Rayaru's Kaarunya of Aayurvardhana Miracle to me, is a Miracle of Miracles. It continued the Deergha  Seva of Mantralaya(1008) Tulasi Dala Maala Samarpana to  Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. I am a humble devotee, a senior citizen of 71 years. Sons, daughter in laws and grandsons said they wish to celebrate Bheemarathhi Shanti of completing 70 years of age. I said that this  selfless Mantralaya Seva Bhaagya of Mantralaya Series itself carries the Punya and the Siddhi of more than :1 Bheemarathhi Shanti and 2 Sahasrachandradarshana Shanti.

As already said I cannot imagine the abundant Paramaanugraha of our Divine Saint. Always imparting success in each and every undertaking. Rayaru is the architect of my life always blessing and timely shaping  meticulously. Sri Raghavendrateertharu is my Aaradhya Adhidaiva, always in the samsarana of Tirumale Swami, Huligemma, Yantroddhaara, Navavrundavana, Mantralaya, Bichali and Tungabhadra and engaged in the Pathhana of Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra. I have found everything, acquired all and Gurustotra is Sarvswa to me. Gurustotra is Sarveshta Saadhakam. It is our great fortune to be in the Seva of  our Mantralaya Rayaru. My  strong desire and  the prayer is that I must be engaged in the Seva of Mantralaya Rayaru till my last breath. The heart and the mind are completely surrendered to the lotus feet of Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

Once my daughter-in-law Sheetal asked me to stop writing poems on persons and the occasions. Asked me to write poems on Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu describing the glory and the greatness of Sri Gururayaru. It will be a humble Seva to our Rayaru and the devotees of the world will come to know the Mahima of Rayaru and will be benefitted a lot. So immensely encouraged me for this noble seva. The Jayabheri of Mantralaya Rayaru started from that day only, through Mantralaya Series in February 2004. One more appeal to you all that I am not a great writer, neither a Pandit nor a Gnyani. An ordinary devotee of devotees, what ever I feel and Rayaru inspires compose in the simple language and  happily share with all the devotees the glory of Mantralaya GuruRayaru and leading a family life like all. The  remembrance of Mantralaya and the pronouncement of Mantralaya is my daily routine. I strongly believe in the power of the devotees of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu:

Yatpaada Kanja Rajasaa Paribhooshitaanga YatpaadapadmaMadhupaayitaMaanasaye

Those who adorn the Paadadhooli of Rayaru( Mruttika Lepana) to the whole body and those who have digested the Dhyaana Naamochchaarana of Rayaru and completely surrendered to Sri Raghavendrateertharu are so powerful to burn the Paapas of the repented soul like a wildfire just by a mere Darshana. Such  is the Mahima of the Devotees of Rayaru ! I leave to the Devotees to imagine the great the Mahima of our Mantralaya Yatiraat Gururaat Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

For the sake of this daily I  happily welcome the Sunrise and the Sunset. I Pray to Manchali and Bichali Sri Raghavendrateertharu to Bless all the Devotees of the world and offering this 1008 Tulasi Dala Maala Samarpana :

Yanmoole Sarva Teerthhaani Yanmadhye Sarva Devataahaa
Yadagre Vedaahaa Cha Tulasi Tvaam Namaami Aham
Tulasi Shri Sakhi Shubhe Paapahaarini Punyade
Namaste Naarada Nute Narayana Manaha Priye

In the roots of Tulasi  we find all the Teerthhas - Punya Teerthhas - Sacred rivers and Pushkarini water, in Tulasi all the Gods are residing. All the Vedas are at the tip of Tulasi. So I here by offer my Pranams. Tulasi is the dear friend of Sri Laxmidevi, very auspicious, vanishes the paapas and imparting Punya. Tulasi  I respectfully offer my regards as you are honoured and praised by Sri NaaradaMaharshi. At the same time you are dear to the heart of Sri Hari. Dear world devotees  today we are offering such sacred and holy Tulasi Samarpana of Mantralaya(500) to Sri Raghavendrateertharu on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra along with the family members and the devotees. 

Smrutimaatrena Santushtam Prasiddha Karuna Nidhe
Prasanno Bhava Tae Poojaam Yathha Shakti Karomyaham

Sri Raghavendrateertharu is very famous as Prasiddha Karunanidhe to Bless the Devotees by just remembering Rayaru in our heart and mind with complete devotion. Our Prayer is constant.
Sri Krishnavadhootaru has described in Sri RaghavendraTantra that just remember Rayaru to protect, he will definitely protect and popular as Prasiddha KarunaNidhe, At this juncture I am in your pooja as per my ability and capacity. We all Pray to Please accept our Pooja and Bless us. Today I wish to share the secret of my success, the Paramaanugraha and the Miracles of Rayaru towards me. So far I have never revealed  and never tried to describe my own Personal Experiences of Rayara Anugraha. As this is Mantralaya(500)th Tulasi Dala Samarpana, so I wish to share with all the world devotees today. 

I Studied in the Osmania University from 1962 - 1964 for M.A. Study well and get through with distinction was the only intention. Surrendered completely to Mantralaya Rayaru always remembering Rayaru. Many a times in the college, in the library and in the campus I have experienced that Rayaru followed me like a shadow. If  I looked back none was there. Rayaru  Said Do not afraid, I am with you ! Once I went to the post office which was at the back of the college, Rayaru followed me, heard the footsteps. Passed M.A.WITH First Rank.  Rayaru provided the Shelter of Protection where ever I went and even to this day I am under the Kind Care of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. By the Anugraha of Rayaru got the job. At the time of going to the interview alighted at Mantralaya and availed the Darshana of Rayaru. Archakaru asked me, you are from which place, where are you going now? I said going to attend the interview in Bangalore for the Lecturer's post. Suddenly Archakaru told me, that there is a job in Bangalore and Rayaru has already reserved for you. Attend the interview you will definitely be selected. When I went there one post was vacant from six months. 28 Candidates. Tough competition. Seniors and Experts were there. Taking the name of Rayaru faced the interview. After the interview I was thinking whether selection will take place or not? I was sitting under the tree in the compound of the Director of Collegiate Education. The P.A. came outside and shouted my name. I went, he said that the Director wants to meet you so go inside. With a fear I entered his chamber. He congratulated and handed over the order and said, go and report tomorrow only to the opposite college. Amazed to hear and receive the order. Devotees this is the Anugraha! This is the Miracle of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. My Service, Wife and Sons are the Gift of Rayaru. Finally in a Miraculous way saved my life and continued in the Seva of Mantralaya Series. What ever things happen and take place  though it is far off at a distance will be known to me. Feel happy towards the praise of Rayara Devotees. Abusing and insulting of Rayara Devotees I do not listen, will not talk with such persons, become dumb and deaf to such acts.

Dear Devotees my life is an open book and  all the pages are filled with Rayara Mahima. In those days communication and media was not at all advanced. I always found the results of myself and my sons in Newspapers. Before going to see the results I always performed the Pathhana of Gurustotra Bhaktipurassara sitting in the pooja room. I have experienced Prokshana Samprokshana, I asked and looked here and there, who sprayed the drops of water. My parents said no we are in the hall no one is there. It is Rayaru who has done the Prokshana. Then I saw the Newspaper, result was First class and Rank. The Showering of Success by Rayaru is continued through out my life, holding my hand Rayaru is leading me on the right path. My Mantralaya Seva( Mantralaya Series) is only the preface of our Gururaat Yatiraat Sri Raghavendrateertharu. One Januma is not sufficient to describe the Mahima and the Garima of our Rayaru. So I am Surrendered Samarpita in the Seva of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru till to my last breath.

Divaa Prabhaate Nishi Cha Pradoshe Madhyam Dinae Avyaan Mama Jaagarookaha
Sarveshu Kaaryeshu Cha Sarvadaa Maam Paayaat Guruhu MatKruta Sannidhaanaha

The meaning of this Shloka of SRI RAGHAVENDRATANTRA by the greatest Devotee Sri Krishnavadhhotaru is that our Kind Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru will always Protect and take care everywhere  and in all our undertakings. In the  morning and in the day time, in the night and in the evening and the afternoon, during our sleep and awake  - Jaagruti and Sushupti. In all our works and always Protect us. Where ever we are the Sannidhaana of Mantralaya Gururayaru will be present and help to the maximum extent to those Devotees  who are  Surrendered Completely to our  Mantralaya Yatiraat Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru with Firm Faith and Constant Belief. Rayaru listens the call of the devotees carefully and affectionately :




Indina Dinave Shubha Dinavu
Indina Vaara Subha Vaara
Indina Yoga Shubha Yoga

Yendu Devarshi Sri Naradaravatari Dasa Shreshthha
Sri Purandaradasaru Haribhakti Harisevege
Helida Reetiyali Indu Maagha Shukla Chaturdashi
Antya Pushkarini Maagha Snaana Samaropa Dina
Muttaideyaru Morada Baaginavittu
Punya Soubhagya Hechchisuva Sudinavu
Tungabhadreya Dadada Siddhi Punya Kshetradali
Naavindu Vattaagi Serihevu
Bhaktiyali Rayarige Pooje Samarpisalu
Uttaanapadarayana Maga Dhruva 7 Varushada Yeleya
Huduga Sri Hariya Kuritu Kaadinali Ugra Tapa Nirata
Sri Vishnu Pratyakshanaada ! Dhruvana Bhaktige Mechchi
Kanteredu Nodida Vishnivina Bhavya Divya Roopa
Darushanake Beragaada ! Bhakti Sambhrama
Santasa Utkatavayetu Baala Dhurvanige
Stotra Maaduva Bayake Padagalavu Baaravu
Chikka Huduga Panditanenalla ! Mooka Vismitanaada
Swami Sri Harige Sampurna Samarpitanaada
Aaga Parama Dayaalu Sri Narayana Maguvina
Gallake Shankhavanu Taakisida !  Koodale Hommitu
Omkara Naadadolu Bhakti Gnyanapurna
Praarthhana Shloka Sri Hariya Shankha Sparshadi

Yo Antaha Pravishya Mama Vaacham Imaam Prasutpaam

Sanjeevatyakhila Shaktidharaha Swadhaamnaa

Anyamscha Hasta Charana Shravanatvagaadeen

Praanaan Namo Bhagavate Purushyaaya Tubhyam

Sarvatantra Swatantra Sarvatra Paripurna
Sarvashakta ! Sri Hari Nee Yenna Valahokku
Supta Pratibheyanujjeevisi Naalagayinda Nudiside Tande
Horagiddu Darshanaveeve Ninna Shaktiyindale
Sakalendriyagaloo Chaitanyapurna
Chatuvatike Karya Nirvahisuvavu ! Intaha
Swamige Namo Yendu Bhaagavata Tilisidolu
Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhpumara
Poornanugraha Baladi Mantralaya Seva Sarani Shuruvayetu
Ee Paamaraninda !
Mantralaya Bhaktara Vadanaata Saahacharya
Antarajaaladali Rayara Hirime Mahime Hanchikoluva
Soubhagya Gururaya Karunisidaru
Antarajaalada Bhakta Seva Bhaavadali Prakatisuta
Munnadedu Santasada Sneha Aatmeeya
Baandhavya Beledu Balavayetu Dinakaledantella
Kaalaanukramadali Mantralaya Sarani Beledu
Hemmaravaaguta Vishwada Bhaktarige Priyavaagihudu
Rayaru Bayasidaru Mechchidaru
Sphuranadali Hommiddu Smaranadali Ulidaddu
Rayara Paramaanugraha Prerane Kaaranjiyolu
Putiyuta Mantralaya Sevege Samarpitavu

Pratiyondakoo Avasaradi Haatoreva
Yelarali Huttida Bhaktana Deergha Seva Vyaaptiya
Bayasi Mantralaya Gururaya Tamma Divya Shaktiya
Baladi Chaitanya Aralisi Pavaada Reetiyali
Munduvarisiharu !  Yeshtu Hogalidaroo Saaladu
Rayara Kaarunyavanu

Bhaktaanugraha Premi Sarvatra Sarva Karyeshu Jaya Pradaata

Tvameva Sarvaswa Mama Dehi Karaavalambam

Yendu Adigadige Praarthhipenu
Rayara Karune Mahimapurna Aayurvardhana
Mantralaya Saraniya Mahasevege Neravayetu !
71 ra  Ee Bhaktanige Makkalu Sose Mommakkalu
Bheemarathhi Shanti Samaarambha Maaduvevendaru
Naanu Helide Mantralaya Saraniya Niswaarthha Sevabhaava
Sevabhaagyave Bheemarathhi Shanti Sahasra Chandradarshana
Shantigoo Migilaada Punya Siddhi !
Vishwada Bhaktare Mantralaya Rayara Paramaanugraha
Apaara Agamya Bannisalu Padagalavu Saalavu
Sadaa Geluvane Harushadi Karunisi Gururaya
Baduka Roopisi Idu Belaku Idu Jeevana
Yembudanu Kaala Kaalake Harasuva Rayaru
Nanna Aaradhya Adhi Daiva ! Sadaa Tirumale
Huligemma Yantroddhaara Navavrundavana
Mantralaya Bichali Tungabhadreya Smarisuta
Pathhisuve Sri Gurustotravanu ! Nanagidarale Parama Suka
Sarvswa Paramabhaagyavu Nijadi
Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateerthara Smaraneyali
Seveyali Sadaa Manavu Sthhiravaagirali
Idonde Praarthhaneyu Vishwada Bhaktare !

Nanna Ibbaroo Makkalu Madadi Valavina Sose
Sheetal Helidalu Kavita Rachane Avarivara Kuritu Saaku
Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharanu Kuritu Bareyiri
Rayara Seveyoo Aagi Halavaaru Bhaktarige Aneka
Atyamoolya Vishaya Tilidu Bhaktiyali Mindeddu
Paavanaraaguvaru !



Yendu Mamateyali Manasaare Protsaaha Needidaru
Andinindale Shuruvayetu Mantralaya Sarani
February 2004 Randu !
Vishwada Bhaktare Baredu Tilisalu Naanenu Panditanalla
Paamaranu Naanu Mantralaya Rayara Bhaktara Bhakta
Tilidaddu Anisiddu Rayaru Preraneya Neede
Sarala Bhaasheyali Hanchikoluta Saamarasyada
Badukinali Samarasadi Rayara Mahime Hirime
Anudinavoo Haadi Harasuvade Nanna Dinachariyu
Idakaagi Prati Dina Suryodaya Suryastava
Santasadi Yedurugoluvenu Naanu !
Sakalarigoo  Bichali Manchali Lesane Harasali
Yendu Sri Raghavendrateertharige Bhaktiyali Samarpisuve


Yanmoole Sarva Teerthhaani Yanmadhye Sarva Devataahaa

Yadagre Vedaahaa Cha Tulasi Tvaam Namaami Aham

Tulasi Sri Sakhi Shubhe Paapahaarini Punyade

Namaste Naarada Nute Narayana Manaha Priye

Prastuta Antaha Punyakara Tulasi Dala
MANTRALAYA(500)Neya Tulasi Dala Samarpane
Bhaktiyali Sri Raghavendrateertharige
Mane Mandi Bhaktaru Hitaishigalellaroo Koodi
Ee Paavana Tungabhadreya Dadadali Indu Vishwada Bhaktare !

Smrutimaatrena Santushtam Prasiddha Karuna Nidhe

Prasanno Bhava Tae Poojaam Yathha Shakti Karomyaham.

Yendu Sri Krishnavadhhotaru Sri RaghavendraTantradali Heliharu
Manasinali Rakshisu Yendu Smarisidare Saaku
Gururaya Santasadi Rakshipa Prasiddha Karunaanidhi Neevu
Tilidante Bhaktiyali Yathha Shakti
Pooje Salipe Swami Suprasannaraagi
Valiyiri Tande Yembudu Shlokada Arthha !
Bhaktara Bhaktana Indinaa Ee Pooje Sweekarisi
Gururaya Yendu Bhaktiyali Praarthhipenu
Nanna Badukina Yashada Rahasyavanindu Ee Dina
Todikoluvenu Naanu ! Nanna Swanta Vishaya  Rayara
Anugraha Mahime Mantralaya Saraniyali Nannane Bimbisuva
Gojige Iduvarege Hogilla ! Yeniddaroo Vishwada Bhaktaru
Punya Panivaara Mantralaya Rayaru !
Prastuta Mantralaya(500) Neya Tulasi Dala Samarpaneya
Prayukta Hanchikolutiruve Vishwada Bhaktare

1962 - 1964 Ra Varege Hyderabadina Osmania
Vishwavidyalayada M.A. Taragatiya Vyasanga Jeevana
Chennaagi Odi Uttama Tergadeyonde Jeevanada Guri
Mantralaya Rayarige Sampurna Samarpitanaade
Sadaa Rayara Smarisuta Abhyasa Nirata !
Collegenali Vaachanaalayadali Mattu Horage
Gururaya Nanna Benna Hindeye Bandante !
Hedaradiru ! Naaniruve Yenuvadanu Keliruve
Heraladi Tirugi Nodalu Hinde Yaroo Illa !
Vandu Sala College Himbadiya AncheKacheriyali
Taneyavarige Patra Baredu Post Maadalu
Horate Nanna Hindeye Bandudara Spashta
Hejjeya Sappala ! Neralaagi Kaayuvaru Nanna
Adhidaiva Aradhyamurty Mantralaya Rayaru
M.A. Rankinali Tergade Munde Udyoga Vishayadaloo
Ide Karuneya Tori Rakshipara Oudaarya Mareyalaarenu !
Kelasada Bhetige Hoguva Munna Mantralayake Hogi
Rayara Darushana Padede Horate
Alli Archakaru Kelidaru Yaava Uooru ? Yellige?
Yendella Kelasada Bhetige Bangaloreige Horatiruve !
Archakaru Helidaru Hogi Baa Allondu Kelasa vanu
Ninagaagi Rayaru Kaydirisiruvaru Khandita Siguvadu
Yendu Harasi Mantrakshateyanittaru !
Alli Hodaaga 6 Tingalinda Vandu Hudde Khaali
28 Abhyarthhigalu! Ghataanughati Parinataru
Rayare Rakshegiruvaaga Inneke Chinte ?
Dhairyadali Hode Sandarshanake ! Yenaaguvado
Yendu Anumaana ! Yella Mugiye Alliye Kulitidde
Aagale Kelasada Aadesha Siddha ! Nirdeshakara
Aaptakaryadarshi Nanna Hesaranu Koogi Karedaru
Sahebru Karitaare Hogi Yendaru
Anjutale Vala Hode ! Subha Kori Kelasada Aadesha
Kaiyalittu Naaleye Kelasake Seri Yedurigina Collegege
Yendaru ! Nanage Aascharya ! Ananda !

Heege Shuruvayetu Jeevana Vrutti  Madadi Makkalu
Yellavoo Rayara Paramaanugrahadi Mahime
Tori Nannanu Ulisiharu ! Ee Mantralaya Sevege
Todagisiharu Sri Raghavendrateertharu !
Dooradali Jarugida Manevaarte Nanage
Tannashtake Taane Tiliyuavadu
Rayara Bhaktara Puraskaarake Nalive
Bhaktara Ninde Kelalaare ! Mouniyaagi Mookanantiruve
Antahavara Bagege ! Vishwada Bhaktare
Baalina Puta Tumba Rayara Mahime Tumbihudu
Aaginnoo Eegina Tvarita Antarajaala Savalattu Iddilla
Phalitamsha Nodalu Vruttapatrikege Sharanu
Nanna Mattu Makkala Pareeksha Phalitamsha
Nodalu Hoguva Munna Gurustotra Pathhana
Devara Maneyali Bhaktipurassara ! Mantralaya
Gururaya Prokshaneyagaidu Harsher ! Yaaru Neeranu
Simpadisidarendu Nodalu Yaaroo Illa !
Prokshaneya Padedu Phalitamsha Nodalu
Uttama Taragati Rank!
Ivanella Rayaru Harasiharu Anandada Surimaleya
Sooregaidiharu! Badukinuddakoo Kai Hididu
Nadesuva Karuniya Kurita Ee Mantralaya Sarani
Baree Rayara Monody !
Ee Vandu Januma Saaladu Bannisalu
Koneyusirinaa Tanaka Gururaya Nimma Seveyale
Nirata !Samarpita ! Karunisu Gururaya !

Divaa Prabhaate Nishi Cha Pradoshe Madhyam Dinae Avyaan Mama Jaagarookaha

Sarveshu Kaaryeshu Cha Sarvadaa Maam Paayaat Guruhu MatKruta Sannidhaanaha

Hagalu Raatri Beligge Sanje Madhyahna
Malagidaaga Yechcharaviddaaga  Yavaagaloo
Yella Karyagaloo Sadaa  Nanna Bali Bandu Kaayuvaru
Gururaya Rakshiparu ! Rayara Karunege Miti Yembude Illa !
|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||