(Greatness of 5th pontiff after Sri RaghavendraTeertharu,  Sri VadeendraTheertharu)

Date : May 18, 2023


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||

|| vaMdAru janasaMdOhama MdAratarusanniBaM |
vRuMdArakagurupraKyaM vaMdE vAdIMdradESikaM ||

ವಂದಾರುಜನಸಂದೋಹಮಂದಾರತರುಸನ್ನಿಭಂ |
ವೃಂದಾರಕಗುರುಪ್ರಖ್ಯಂ ವಂದೇ ವಾದೀಂದ್ರದೇಶಿಕಂ ||

Greatness of 5th pontiff after Sri RaghavendraTeertharu,  Sri VadeendraTheertharu is described in Mantralaya(1038)


Purvasharama (Purvasharama = Life before accepting position of Pontiff/Saint) son of Rayaru is LakshmiNarayanacharyaru, his son is Purushotamacharyaru. Purushotamacharyaru son is Srinivasacharayaru who became Sri VadeendraTheertharu. Sri Vadendrateertharu served 22 years as 5th pontiff after Sri RaghavendraTeertharu. Took Sanyasa Ashrama from Sri UpendraTeertharu.

Sri Vadendrateertharu holds special place in Mantralaya besides Sri Rayaru Brindavana. During the time of Sri Vadendrateertharu the political situation was at it worse time. It was difficult time to save the land and properties that was gifted to religious institutes as a one ruler will kill other and become new ruler. The grants of lands given by in charge person would become invalid as other official would object that. Sri Vadendrateertharu toured many places gained control over the Sri Mutt properties, taught Sanatana Dharma to those who came to his contacts. Sri Vadendrateertharu solved all the social political problems during his period and brought fresh energy to Sanatana Dharma and Sri RayarMutt heritage. Sri Vadendrateertharu is very dear to Sri Rayaru

It is said that after Sri Vaadendrateertharu completed the work of GuruGuna Stavana, he submitted the work Infront of  Mantralaya Sri Rayaru Brindavana. When he recited GuruGuna Stavana  Rayaru Brinidavana shook as Rayaru acknowledged his great work.

When Sri RaghvendraTeertharu decided to enter the Brindavana in the year 1671. He asked Venkanna to make the arrangements for Brindavana. Rayaru asked  Venkanna to make Brindavana from a particular rock. Venkanna made a beautiful Brindavana and showed it to Rayaru. Rayaru looked at the Brindavana that Venkanna has made, said this is not what he wanted. Rayaru asked Venkanna to pick the rock that Rama Chandra Devaru took rest during Ramayana time when Lord Rama came to Mantralaya. Venkanna said yes and he told Rayaru that he is going to dispose the Brindavana that he is showing now. Rayaru with a smile replied to Venkanna , don’t dispose it. There is a reason why this Brindavana has been constructed. Rayaru told that in the year 1750 , 70 years from now my Purvashrama great grandson will become the 5th pontiff after me and will be known as Sri VadeendraTheertharu. He will enter this Brindavana near to me. Hence save this Brindavana carefully. We are highly amazed to see future vision that Rayaru.

Sri Rayaru told Venkanna that Sri VadeendraTheertharu will act mantri(minister) for Rayaru in Mantralaya.  Sri VadeendraTheertharu would listen all the wishes(problems/desires) of devotees and then report him to solve them. Then Rayru will ask Sri Hari to solve them. This is reason there is custom in Mantralaya that when you go to Mantralaya if you want ask something to fulfil your desire, you need to first take Darshana of Sri Manchalemma, then Sri Pranadevaru then Sri Rayaru. After that you will visit Sri VadeendraTheertharu Brindavana and ask your wishes. Sri VadeendraTheertharu would keep track of these asks and hands it over to Sri Rayaru.

The following miracle displays the importance of Sri VadeendraTheertharu. Once a devotee came to Mantralaya to request to solve his problems. He started to observe the Sankalpa Seva with devotion. He would pray to Sri Rayaru everyday and request him to solve his problems. Days passed and he didn’t find solutions to his problems. Next day he came near Sri Rayaru Brindavana and told that he will not keep silent. Devotee decided to go Tirupati Srinivas. He went to Tirupati and every day he would put a note in Hundi that your dear Bhakta Rayaru didn’t help me. After few days devotee had a dream. In that dream Sri Venkateshwara came and asked Sri RaghavandraTeertharu that why he didn’t fulfil this devotee’s request. Rayaru mentioned to Sri Venkateshwara he never came to know about his problems. Sri Rayaru called Sri VadeendraTheertharu, “Vadeendra you didn’t inform about this devotee problem to me, why?”. Sri VadeendraTheertharu replied Swamiji he never asked anything to me about his problems. Devotee woke up from dream and understood the meaning. He immediately started to Mantralaya. He then followed the custom, first took Darshana of Manchalema, Pranadevaru and Sri Rayaru. After went Infront of Sri VadeendraTheertharu’s Brindavana and cried with both hands folded. He told his problems and asked for forgiveness for not requesting earlier and ignoring. Soon the next day to his surprise his problems got solved. Such status and respect are there for Sri VadeendraTheertharu which is given by our Sri RaghavendraTeertharu. In modern days you can say that Sri VadeendraTheertharu is a PA personal assistant to Sri RaghavendraTeertharu.

Out of many books written by Sri VadeendraTheertharu following are books are available
1. Tattvaprakashika Tippani
2. Tattvodyota Tippani
3. Bhoogola Khagola Vichara
4. Raaghavendramathagathachagathikrama
5. GuruGunaStavana
6. Navyadurakthishiksha

Sri VadeendraTheertharu has done great service to Haridasa literature with many compositions in Kannada. Among them only few are available now

My father Sri Raghvendra Patwari wrote in article Mantralaya(1029) about what is Parmila ? as described by Sri VadeendraTheertharu in GurugunaStavana.


Shri Brahmaevaru’s queen Saraswateedevi adorned with all sorts of flowers full of fragrance and was in search of an appropriate dais to dance. She selected the tongue of Shri Raghavendrateertharu. While dancing several adorned flowers fell on the tongue. Those flowers are PARIMALA. My father spent few hours reading this great Parimala on his last date before death.

We are highly blessed to chant the names of Sri RaghavendraTeertharu and Sri VadendraTeertharu. They will be always protecting us and making us to move towards path to of good Karma. As Hari Dasaru has described. “Halavu Teertha Galeke Halavu Kshetra Galake Phala Sulabha Dali Eralu” - Mantralaya Rayaru place is equal to Vaikunta there is no need to do Teertha Yatra, simply come to Mantralaya.

Next time when you visit Mantralaya please pray Sri VadeendraTheertharu and convey your problems/desires/asks to him to our great saint Sri VadeendraTheertharu. If possible, learn Guru Guna Stavana, one of the beautifully composed works by Sri VadeendraTheertharu.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach to Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"!