The Jayatheerth Vijaya

Malkhed Jaiteertharu  is the sixth pontiff of Sri Madacharya Peetha. Born in Mangalavedhe near Pandharapur situated in Maharashtra. Indramsha Arjuna-Vrashabhaavataari Dhondoraya born as son to Raghunath Deshpande and Sakhubai.Born with golden spoon,wealth,power and affection. Expert in horse riding, a courageous smart  personality.
Being the son of  a Deshpande  a status-a regard and respect in the society.

Somehow as per the will and wish of Sri Hari and the habit of previous Janma (Vaasana of Vrashabharoopi Janma), sitting on the horse while crossing the Bheema river at Sandhyavali drank the water like Pashu, that is, Vrashabha: "KIM PASHUHU POORVA DEHE" uttered by Sri Akshobhyateertharu to Dhondoraya made a great metamorphosis in his life. Sri Akshobhyateertharu  the Guru of Sri Jaiteertharu was not an ordinary pontiff,the fifth pontiff of Sri Madhwacharya Peetha was Rudramsha. So great,divine and stalwart was the Guru of our Teekaraya.Dhondoraya took sanyaasa and became  SRI JAITEERTHARU.

Raghunath Deshpande got angry with Sri Akshobhyateertharu, took back his only son to his home.As Dhondoraya was married,  his father arranged the first night of his son. To their surprise Dhondoraya took Shesha Roopa and everybody trembled with fear. The father Raghnath Deshpande came to know that his son is not an ordinary man.Born for great work,to upheld the great cause. So requested Dhondoraya to live as per his will and wish. Then cooled down to normalcy became Dhondoraya-Sri Jaiteertharu. Bestowed his father with a boon that they  will have one more son, that he will look after the family and continue the Deshpande family.Thus our Great Sri Jaiteertharu won the kama feelings that too at his prime youth period.

Sri Malkhed Jaiteertharu ­ Yergol Teekarayaru,the strong,  popular and the superb pontiff of our Dwaita Siddhanta-Dwaita Peetha.A great scholar-daivaamshasambhoota.

Malked and Yergol are the most dear and the sacred places to Sri Jaiteertharu and to all of us.The details are described in the form of poems in sixteen series to the devotees of the world. It is my Privilege and Punya That my sons inspired me to write this series on Malkhed Sri Jaiteertharu i.e JAITEERTHA VIJAYA. The credit of JAITEETHEERTH VIJAYA  is to the devotees of Sri Malkhed  Teekarayaru:


The structure of the each series is - begins with the Background of the matter then meaning of the Kannada poem and finally ends with a poem.

- Raghvendra Patwari