Yergol Darshana
Jayateerth Vijaya

Vidhootadurmatdhwanto vishdeekrutpaddhatihi |

Yah sajjanaanujjahaara jayateertharavim bhaje ||

Satpadmabandhavo yasyagaavo vishwatmoonudha |

Sasyat tatwaprakashaya Jayateerthrvirmama ||

-         Written by Sri RaghavendraTheertharu



Yergol is situated in Karnataka in the district of Gulbarga .The very remembrance of Yergol will remind Sri Anandateertharu, Sri Jayateertharu and Sri Raghavendrateertharu.


After the visits of Ahmedabad and Kolhapur Jayateertharu with gratitude to Sri Madacharya desired to write Commentaries (Teekas) and books pertaining to Dwaita  Philosophy. On the bank of Bheema river near Sandhyavali there is a famous Durga Devi temple, she is popularly called as Saraswati Devi. There Jayateertharu sat for Tapasya with great devotion. Soon the Saraswati Devi bestowed Jayateertharu with the writing materials. A steel nail to write on the leaves and betel nut to rub after writing on the leaves, so the letters will be visible clearly and shining. This is a good sign for a great task of writing the books, commentaries of Sri Anandateertharu works.


After this with joy and vigour Jayateertharu rushed to Yergol, which is situated in Gulbarga District,near Yadgir. Jayateertharu selected a lonely place which is plunged in deep and profound silence. Previously that was the Ashrama of Shankha Rishi, imparting knowledge and education in Vedas - Vedaadhyayana to several able students. A small hilly cave in the midst of the trees which is in the shape of a Shankha. Jayateertharu sat there for writing commentaries with great patience, knowledge and intense Aparoksha Gnyaana. The Samskaara-culture of all the Janmas put together in the writings of Teekas by Sri Hari-Sri Madacharya. The whole world is surprised today to look into all this great works of Sri Jayateertharu.There is Praana Devara Temple : MARUTA SAAKSHIGA. He is the witness for the Teekas of Sri Madacharya.Like an ocean diver Jayateertharu dived in the ocean of Sri Madachrya Tatvas (philosophy) and given the the finest and the most valuable pearls to the Manu Kula.


Jayateertharu is famous and popular as Yergol Teekarayaru.We cannot forget Yergol. It is here on this holy land that all the Teekas have taken birth and shaped by our Jayateertharu. Jayateertharu taken pains, many a times starved, as no one used to go there for that lonely place. Took Shesha Roopa many times for survival, then with Yati Roopa wrote Teekas. A master piece has born in Yergol. We are grateful to Yergol Teekarayaru.


Sri Jayateertharu always thinking, pondering with intense concentration at Yergol cave went on writing the commentaries to the works of Sri Ananadateertharu with great devotion in the realm of Sri Hari Jayateertharu each day performed the Worship of Goddess Saraswati.  Once Sri Vidyaranya came to Yergol met Sri Jayateertharu and asked what is going on. Sri Jayateertharu politely showed all the works and asked to go through PRAMAANA LAKSHANA. Vidyaranya could not understanding anything and said what is this? Then Jayateertharu presented the book NYAAYA KALPA TARU and asked him to go through thoroughly. As per the famous Sanskrit Subhaashita Vidya Dadaati Vinayam.Though Jayateertharu a great scholar with meek and kind nature expressed His Greatness.Historians have amply described this point whole heartedly. It is a great treasure-wealth to the Madhwa Siddhanta and Madhwas-Dwaitas.It is a matter of pride and honour.


When Vidyaranyaru went on reading the pages(Taale Oleya Gari) one by one, His heart was filled with joy and tears rolled through the eyes ANANDABAASHPA. What a great work. The style, descriptions, the way of presentation, imagination, knowledge and language impressed a lot. Vidyaranyaru expressed that he had never seen such a great work so far and praised that Jayateertharu  is the real Teekakaara. Made Jaya Ghosha to Jayateertharu .


There is no jealousy for good qualities. The learned personalities hearts are always broad and pure. Sri Vidyaranyaru made it true. Actually placed the NYAAYAKALPATARU on the elephant and made a grand procession with grandeur and honoured Jayateertharu . The greatness of Acharya Tatvas to the whole world. Only the pandits know the struggle and difficulties of the pandits.  Vidyaranya fully understood the pains,difficulties,struggle taken by Jayateertharu  at Yergol. We feel a lot for Jayateertharu ’s stay in Yergol,at the time of this great constructive works of all times.


Jayateertharu  though rich,powerful,youth sacrificed everything towards this great task of Dwaita Siddhanta.Piereced the darkness and conquered KAMA(Sex feelings).Rethassu all blossomed in knowledge to this Avataara Purusha.A staunch Bachelor in mind action and deed .All centered in the Divine works of TEEKAS of Sri Madacharya.


Mantralaya Rayaru the seventeenth pontiff of Sri Madacharya  had been to Malkhed,attained Knowledge in the Sannidhaana of Sri Jayateertharu  at Malkhed, the sixth pontiff of Sri Madhwacharya Peetha. Mantralaya Raghavendrateertharu  has beautifully presented the appreciation of Sri Mann Nyaaya Sudha the famous work of Sri Jayateertharu : Pratyaksharam Pratipadam Anekaakooti Garbhitaa  Pratibhaati Sudhaathaapi Granthaalpatvaayanocchyatae. Each and every sentence and word of Sudha gives several meanings, sounds several melodies, full of Imagination(Pratibha. Pratibha always finds new things in all the aspects and writings) and knowledge. This Sudha is really a great work of all the times and for all the times.


Mantralaya Rayaru respected and regarded this great Saint, a noble personality Sri Jayateertharu  of Malkhed


A big lake was constructed near the rock-cave, QUIET LONELY PLACE, THERE Our SriJayateertharu  composed  Teekas to the Works of Sri MADHWACHARYA.


But the water was not staying in the lake. The  lake used to become empty on the very next day. People were worried. Prayed all the Gods,but nothing  happened. At last they went and surrendered to Sri  Jayateertharu  with devotion and updated the details of the  lake.Sri Jayateertharu listened the people problem and prayed to Godess GANGA.`


Next day Sri Jayateertharu actually witnessed the hand of the Goddess GANGA in the lake.The lake was filled with water and water stayed, there after lake remained always full with water. This is well known fact to the devotees the people  of Yadgir and Yergol since a long time.


In that hilly rock-cave Sri Jayateertharu  wrote the TEEKAS to the works of SriAnandateerharu.Owing to  the loneliness of that place Sri Jayateertharu  remained  UPAVAASA for several days, to survive He took  SHESHAVESHAROOPA in the presence of SRIMARUTI. Even today we can see all that in Yergol. Pooja,Naivaidya and  Hastodaka are all performed there. Even to this day people ask and pray in Yergol for their welfare of  rain and crops.


The Yergol Sanctity is a boon to all Sanjannas.



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