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Event : Laksha Kadabu Hastodaka Global Project at Bichali Japadakatti Bichali

Date :   Jun 5, 2010

From :  Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya’s  Ashtottara Shata Seva of  Sri Raghavendra

             Gurustotra  Global Project  Bichali Japadakatti,

            BICHALI.(via Gunjalli, Raichur -584140 Karnataka- India. Cell# 988583864)


It is my Privilege and  Punya to announce that Bichali Japadakatti the Sacred bank of Tungabhadra is warmly welcoming the Devotees of the World. To acquire the Anugraha of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru the following Projects - Global Projects are already in force.


  1. For the convenient of the World Devotees the above Ashtottara Shat Seva Global Project has taken its birth as per the Prerana of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Bichali Sri Appanacharyaru. Every month on second Thursday with devotion Ashtottara Pathhana Samarpane,Special Pooja,Naivedya, Vaishwadeva  and Hastodaka to the most sacred Ek Shila Brindavana of Rayaru in Bichali at the Japadakatti on the bank of Tungabhadra - on the affectionate lap of Mother Nature is arranged already, many devotees are availing this golden  facility. It is quite appropriate and Quick Phala Prada to conduct Ashtottara at this Sanctum where Sri Gurustotra took its birth on the bank of Tungabhadra on Shraavana Bahula Bidige - Friday August 14th.1671 on the day of the Brindavana Pravesha of Sri Raghavendrateertharu in Mantralaya by the greatest Devotee Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru. So the world devotees can enroll as the life member and life term member to this Ashtottara Global Project. They have to furnish their Name, Gotra and Nakshatra.
  2. The importance of Go Daana and Go Graasa at the Bichali Japadakatti is very holy and Sacred owing to the Sannidhaana of Sri Raghavendrateertharu’s Ek Shila Brindavana. A very spacious well shaped Go Shaala is in Bichali Japadakatti, right now about 108 cows including the calves are in the Go Shaala. The Devotees can perform Go Daana and Go Graasa to acquire punya in a multifarious way.
  3. Recently on June 01.2010 Tuesday one more mega global project is launched as per the Will and Wish of Mantralaya Rayaru and Bichali Japadakatti Appanacharyaru in Bichali. The name of the project is:


Laksha Kadabu Hastodaka Global Project at Bichali Japadakatti Bichali


As Bichali Japadakatti is NagaLoka  Masti Kadabu Naivedya to Bichali Nagappa, highly Jaagruta and Siddhi. Many Devotees perform Ksheerabhisheka. Now under this project Kadabu Naivedya also launched on June01.2010 Tuesday for the benefit of the Devotees of Santaanapekshi.


It is heartening to know that Rayaru liked Kadabu and likes Kadabu. So for the Hastodaka of Sri Raghavendrateertharu’s Ek Shila Brindavana at Japadakatti this Kadabu is famous as   Masti Kadabu with all rich ingredients,  very tasty  Kadabus  are prepared daily for Rayaru’s Hastodaka. The Devotees can offer Yathha Shakti Kadabu Hastodaka  Seva to Rayaru and can enroll their names and inform the days on which the Kadabu Hastodaka is to be done along with their name, Gotra and Nakshatra.


Devotees as you are already fully aware that three well versed  Vedic Brahmins came to Rayaru. After taking Darshana they three talked together that they desired Kadabu, Bonda and Chitraanna. Rayaru is a very divine saint, miraculous personality. We desired these things let us get all the three things. Sat separately for food. Rayaru came and said to the staff that you serve Kadabu to the first Brahmin, Bonda to the last Brahmin and Chitraana to the Brahmin who is sitting in the middle. They were supplied the desired items sumptuously. After food the three Brahmins came performed Sahtaanga to GuruRayaru  and requested to excuse for their follies for testing. Rayaru with a smile said no excuse, after my Brindavana Pravesha you have to become the Archakas and daily Kadabu,Bonda and Chitraanna you have to eat as part of Hastodaka. See the Kind heart of Rayaru.


So World Devotees please note the importance of Kadabu. Knowing all this Rayaru and Appanacharyaru desired at Bichali for Laksha Kadabu Hastodaka Seva Global Project at  Bichali Japadakatti. Appanacharyaru has himself grinded Hoorana daily for Kadabu  and Dal for Dal Chatni in Bichali Japadakatti during the long stay of Rayaru in Bichali.


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