Original Mudras of Sri RaghavendraTheerthtu at Bichali

Dear world devotees,

During this auspicious Navaratri , it is matter of immense pleasure and Punya to have the Divya Darshana of the holy and the sacred Mudras of Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

Mudras that you are going to see below are made of silver. They are very Sacred and fill our heart with Devotion. Mudras are the symbols of Sri Hari. Here are the following five Mudras.

(1) Shankha
(2) Chakra
(3) Gada
(4) Padma
(5) Narayana with Narayana Mantra OM  NAMO NARAYANAAYA

Sri Raghavendrateerthru lived in Bichali in the house of Sri Appanacharya for several years. During this time as a token of love Sri RaghavendraTheerthru presented a set of Mudras to Sri Appanacharya as the blessings. These Mudras were with the Vamshasthharu of Sri Appanacharyaru. Sri Badadha Ramacharyaru is too kind to describe about the importance of our Rayara Mudras. When Sri Badadha Ramacharyaru just showed me, I simply amazed and placed the Mudras on my head with devotion, thrilled for a while and the memory went back to 340 years and recollected the most important days of Rayaru and Appanacharyaru at the Bichali Japadakatti on the bank of the Tungabhadra.

Dear Devotees please acquire the blessings of Rayaru by the Darshana of Mudras. There are total 5 pictures please do see each of them.

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