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338th Aradhana of Rayaru at  Bhikshaalaya



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The Aradhana of our Daivee Chetana Sri Raghavendrateertharu falls on August 7th.Poorva Aradhana, 8th.Madhya Aradhana, 9th. Uttara Aradhana. The whole world is celebrating the 338th Aradhana  remembering and praying to our Yatiraat.I really convey my pranams to those who celebrate. Beloved GuruRayaru disappeared from our sight. The owner and the master of Abundant Punya - Akhanda Punya Raashi never used anything for his personal use. Karunaalu reserved the entire thing for the sake of the devotees and liberally distributing and doing the Uddhaara of our Manukula.

When we just remember the day of Brindavana Pravesha our eyes become wet with tears and the heart simply cries. So far no Yatis have  thought about the stones of  their Brindavana. But Rayaru a week before the Brindavana Pravesha did not accept the Brindavana prepared by Diwan Venkanna.Said let this Brindavana  be in Mantralaya and will be used for the coming Yati. That Brindavana was used for Sri Vaadeendrateertharu.

So Sri Raghavendrateertharu personally went to Madhavar along with Diwan Venkanna selected the stone for his Brindavana and said  to Venkanna that on this holy hilly  rock  during the Vanavaasa  of fourteen years Sri Ramachandradevaru  has taken rest for SEVEN GALIGE ( two hours and forty eight minutes). So it is   most holy and   sacred. Extract the stones from this rock for the construction of Brindavana. As per the advice Venkanna did it soon as the time was very short.

We can say perhaps  THIS WAS THE LAST SANCHAARA of our beloved  kind Yatiraat  Sri Raghavendrateertharu along with Venkanna. From the next day Rayaru did not move from Mantralaya. So GuruRayaru selected  himself the stone for his Brindavana. Never perturbed, nor felt sorry for entering the Brindavana. The same smile and soft interaction  affectionately with all the devotees. This made the devotees to think more and feel sorry that after a day we will not be able to see Rayaru, enter  Brindavana and disappear from our sight. We are amazed to know the multifarious divine personality of our Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

It is quite interesting to know that the Brindavana stones selected by our GuruRayaru are used to the Ek Shila Brindavana by Bichali Sri Appanacharyaru at the Japadakatti.  Bichali Sri Appanacharya after the Brindavana pravesha of Rayaru started living in Mantralaya only. One day Rayaru appeared in the dream of Appanacharya and said go to your place Bichali. After going daily he used to come to Mantralaya from Bichali crossing the river Tungabhadra. At that time there was no dam, abundant forceful flow of Tungabhadra, but Appanacharya used to swim without caring the forceful flow, so Kind Sri Raghavendrateertharu one day appeared in the dream of Appanacharya in Bichali and said now onwards you do the Pratishthhaapana of  Ek Shila Brindavana on the Japadakatti where we used to sit together and talk daily, I will daily give Darshana to you in the form of Jyoti. So do not come to Mantralaya. Dear devotees, see how kind is our Rayaru and taking care of his devotees.


Bichali Sri Appanacharyaru through Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra introduced Rayaru to the whole world.

Sri Raghavendrateertharu never exhibited his super human power. Always acted in the frame work of Manu Dharma. So in order to do the Uddhaara of the devotees entered Brindavana and even to this day living happily with yoga siddhi:



Our Uttanooru Sri Gopaladasru has said in one of the suladis.

During Chaaturmaasa while sitting with Sri Yogeendrateertharu Rayaru  asked Diwan Venkanna to announce the day of Brindavana Pravesha on Shraavana bahula Dwiteeya  Poorvashrama son Sri Laxminarayanacharya and nephew Sri Narayanacharya started weeping. Rayaru said how innocent you are ! Do not feel sorry, I am not going anywhere! I am not giving up my body, I will be sitting in the Brindavana to follow  the dharma of the world devotees as per the order of Sri Hari.



Our Shreedavithalaru has said:

Kundade Vara Mantralayadalliruva

Karedallige Baruva Raghavendra GuruRayara Sevisiro

Neev Soukhyadi Jeevisiro.

On the day of Shraavana Pratipada Sri Raghavendrateertharu performed the pooja of  our Sri MoolaRamadevaru with devotion and grandeur. Kind interaction with all the devotees with a smile, offered  Teertha Phala Mantrakshate and accepted the Bhiksha with all. After that engaged in the preparation of the next day Brindavana pravesha. Diwan Venkanna used to go here and there finding a lonely place and will weep. His grief was at its utmost. His Guru Araadhya Adhi Daiva is disappearing shortly. Looking at the STHITAPRAGNYA OF RAYARU the gathered devotees became dumb. They simply shed tears and said that we are loosing such an eminent divine personality. We cannot see Rayaru like this from tomorrow onwards. The devotees, the paraphernalia of the SRS Mutt - Vidya Mutt were simply shed tears including the Mutt Gajaraja Maandhaata and the kid elephant Laxmi, the calf and the cows and even Varunadeva  also joined with showers, incessant showers on that day and expressed his deep sense of sorrowful feelings.

Sri Raghavendrateertharu got up early sharp at Brahmee Muhurta, did the morning routine, holy dip, pooja, paatha and pravachana carried out  normally with a smile. Though it was raining, thick gathering of the devotees made Rayaru to ask Venkanna to provide shelter for them. What an amount of care towards the devotees, even at the eleventh hour  our Rayaru did not think about himself but took care of his devotees. At last looking at the devotees in Mantralaya Rayaru raised his hands and said:

Devotees the day had come that I will have to disappear from your sight. Do not feel sorry for my departure Sri Yogeendrateertharu will continue the Tradition and will take care of you. Though I will be in Mantralaya Brindavana you can call me any time, anywhere. Definitely protect you. We have to follow the orders of Sri Hari. Though I am in Brindavana Sri SriMadacharya granthhas, Sri Jaiteertharu granthhas and my writings are here for your guidance and ready reference. Follow them with faith and belief. Be always on the right path, do not hurt the feelings of others under any circumstances.  Have Faith in Sri Hari Vayu and Guru and you will be Blessed in life in all your endeavours.

Immediately after the Brindavana pravesha our GuruRayaru proved the Miracle to his dearest and the greatest devotee Bichali Sri Appanacharyaru.As Appanacharyaru could not be present at the time of Brindavana pravesha and did not have the last Darshana, the grief overflowed, Chaturveda Pandita, Aparokshagnyani, Vice chancellor and the Profeesor  of the  Open University of Japadakatti Appanacharya through Ashukavitva composed Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra that too while crossing the river Tungabhadra which was in full spate. Appanacharyar Love, Affection and Regard  together spontaneously rushed in Gurustotra. The Divine Personality of our GuruRayaru is presented to the world through this Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra.

Dear devotees to know Rayaru please chant with devotion and understand the real meaning of Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra.

Rayaru carefully listened the Gurustotra started by Bichali Appanacharya right from the Japadakatti and when he came near the Brindavana could not see Rayaru but saw the Brindavana Appanacharya grief knew no bonds. After saying:

Yo Bhaktyaa GuruRaghavendra Charana Dwandam Smaran Yaha Pathet
Stotram Divyam Idam Sadaa Nahi Bhavet Tasyaa Asukham Kincham

KimtvishaarthhaSamruddhireva Kamanatha Prasadodayaat
Keertihi Digviditaa Vibhutiratula

Appanacharya owing to grief and devotional ecstasy cannot speak out any thing more, shed tears, fell down and performed Saashtaanga to Rayaru.

Rayaru completed the Stotra of his dearest devotee saying :

SAAKSHEEHAYASTOTRAHEE. All those who were gathered there listened this voice of Rayaru.

Iti  Sri Raghavendrarya Gururajaha Prasadataha

Sri Appanacharya said happily continued and completed.

The gathered Devotees in one voice they pronounced:

Krutam Stotram Idam Punyam Sri MatbhirAppanabhidahihi.

Dear Devotees when all these things like a flash back appear to our inward eyes we  really feel the absence of  Rayaru and miss the divine presence and tears roll from our eyes. Divine Chetana Sri Raghavendrateertharu is below the Brindavana of Mantralaya with Yoga siddhi. Always Blessing, protecting and helping the Devotees. The abundant songs and padasa of our Haridasas are the witness for this.

Though we cannot see Rayaru with our bare eyes we see Rayaru through our inward eyes. He is Blessing us sitting in the Brindavana. This much of Anusandhaana is needed, this much of firm faith and unalterable belief we devotees must follow. We are really Blessed by this great Yatiraat the Seventeenth Pontiff of our Sri SriMadacharya Peetha, Rayara Mutt, Vidya Mutt Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru.

Sri Ramaaradhaka Punya Murty Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhouma
Tungabhadra Tata Mantralaya Priya Vaasa
Bichali Sri Appanacharya Priya GuruRaghavendra Nitya Jyoti Roopa Darshana

Bhaktavatsala Karuna Samudra Sri Mantralaya Vidya Matha Yativarenya
Bhuvi Japtuhu Tava Sankeertanam Sadaa Sarva Kaaleshu
Maam Raksha Sri Raghavendrateertha Prabho.
Bhaktanugraha Premi Sarvatra Sarva Karyeshu Jayapradaat
Tvameva Sarvaswa Mama Dehi Karaavalambam GuruRaghavendra

Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhouma's Aradhana details at the Sanctum of Bichali Japadakatti - Bichali Sri Appanacharya's favourite place and the Miracle of Rayaru are described in Mantralaya(310).

The world devotees have celebrated  Shraavana Bahula Pratipada, Dwiteeya and Trateeya as Poorvaaradhane, Madhyaaraadhane and Uttaraaradhane  with great devotion and affection  celebrated the 338th. Aradhana Mahotsava of our Yatiraat Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. Bent with gratitude towards Mahan Chetana. Aradhana means expressing our regard, love, faith, belief, divine  rememberance and worship. Aradhana means to know the importance of the Mahan Chetana and the Mahima  Miracle of Sri Raghavendrateertharu. That too our Rayara Aradhana means we will be celebrating the worship of  Sri Hari, Ram, Krishna, Narahari, Vedavyasa, Sri Vayudevaru Sri Madhwacharyaru,Sri Jaiteertharu,Sri Vijayeendra-SriSudheendrateertharu. All these sacred Yatis Sannidhaana is always Jagruta and Sannihita. So the world devotees are celebrating the Aradhana of Sri Raghavendrateertharu through out the world. Every where the overflow of Bhakti and sharing the devotion with joy through  Worship, AnnaSantarpana, Bhajan,PravachanaRathhotsava etc. I wish to share the Miracle of two Aradhanas of 338th.One in Bichali Japadakatti and the other one is of Newzealand.

In this series of Mantralaya(310) I wish to describe the Aradhana details and the Miracle of Rayaru at Bichali. Appanacharya was daily going to Mantralaya  to avail the Darshana of Rayaru by crossing the river Tungabhadra and returning  to Bichali in the same way. This continued for a long time. Then Rayaru thought of his most favourite and beloved Bichali Appanacharya that actually he is a struggling a lot to cross the river Tungabhadra river, at that time it  flowed with full swing as there was no dam Tungabhadra dam. Kind Rayaru Bhaktaanugraha Premi said to Appanacharya do not come to Mantralaya, do the pratishthhaapana of Ek ShilaBrindavana at the Japadakatti where we used to sit together daily and Rayaru  said will give Darshana  to you daily there only. As per the promise Rayaru daily giving Darshana to EkshilaBrindavana through Jyoti Roopa even to this day.

Shraavana Bahula Dwiteeya the Tungabhadra is flowing forcefully with a lullaby day in and day out saying : Bichali Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha  Gurubhyo Namaha at the Japadakatti in Bichali. This lullaby of Tungabhadra is the Quick Siddhi Mahamantra of our GuruRayaru to attain everything in life to the world devotees. When we enter  towards the  Bichali Japadakatti first we find the house of Sri Appanacharya at the left side. There we find a board - Sri Appanacharya's house. Saffron flags are flying and showing the direction to the Japadakatti and proclaim that this is the  most Siddhi Kshetra of Sri Raghavendrateertharu and this is the ecstasy of Bhakti of Sri Appanacharyaru. Thus welcome the devotees with warm affection.

When we just land at the sacred Japadakatti the three brothers  of Sri Appanacharya's Vamshasthharu Sri Raghavendracharya, Sri Badadha Ramacharya and Sri Krishnacharya  the sons of Prof. Narasimhacharya  welcomed with a smile and offered kind hospitality as per our sanaatana Sanskrit :

Atithi Devo Bhava

Devotees have grown in large number.Sri Badadha Ramacharya describes the details of Japadakatti - Bichali - Appanacharyaru - Mantralaya - Sri Raghavendrateertharu in Telugu, Hindi, English and Kannada. The style of presentation is superb, the fluency is excellent and simply he takes us to those days of GuruRayaru and Appanacharyaru with complete involvement. The devotees are highly satisfied by this decent description.

The Vamshasthharu of  Bichali Sri Appanacharya all the brothers in general and Badadha Sri Ramacharya in particular are really praise  worthy for the way they have arranged the Aradhana for three days Poorvaaradhane,Madhyaaradhane,Uttaraaradhane. They have not gone for door to door collection towards the Aradhana nor any financial assistance from any where. His own personal savings and whatever the Devotees of the Ashtottara Shata Seva Samiti voluntarily give accepted gladly and performed the Aradhana meticulously. The creative capacity, the hypnotizing features of his Devotion towards Mantralaya Rayaru and Bichali Appanacharyaru are the main features of his success. In this matter Ramacharya is second to none. On all the three days of Aradhana  Panchamruta Abhisheka,Ashtottara Pathana, Alankara Mahapooja and daily new Silk Vastra and Sheshavastra to Rayaru, the Aradhana reached the climax of  devotional grandeur. Amidst the Mother Nature's Punya  Parisara Rayaru visits daily the Bichali Japadakatti Ek Shila Brindavana in the form of Jyoti. So world devotees it is most sacred and holy.

It is my  luck and fortune that I participated in the Aradhana of Bichali on the day of MadhyaAradhana along with my son and wife. First Visited Mantralaya had the Darshana of Moola Brindavana of  Sri Raghavendrateertharu and then proceeded to Bichali Aradhana Celebrations. It is quite heartening to know that Rayaru accepts the seva only from those to whom he likes. For the Aradhana for three days Rayaru desired the pooja of Mantralaya resident Sri Shankara Rao's son Sri  Goutamacharya, a young boy of 21 years. Quite efficient and well versed in Vedaadhyayana,Dharmashaastra and Pooja Vidhaana.

All the three days Sri Goutamacharya's pooja Rayaru liked. As already said Rayaru is our :  Bhaktaanugraha Premi. On the day of Uttaraaraadhane after Mahamangalarati at night Sri Goutamacharya prayed to Rayaru : GuruRaya I am too young there may be some omissions and deletions in the pooja Vidhaana, if there are any mistakes on my part, please forgive me. Goutamacharya appealed with emotion and devotion. Slept at the Sanctum of Japadakatti room. That day during night at 2-30 am, Goutamacharya got up, he did not get sleep. To his great surprise he saw a man walking near the grinding stone(Varalu Rubbugundu), thought that somebody owing to the heavy food may be just walking. The whole sanctum was in deep slumber except Goutamacharya. He saw with his own eyes. After sometime the man disappeared, then Goutamacharya saw powerful light in front of Sri Vyasaraja Pratishthhaapita Sri Praanadevaru for a long time. The powerful light Jyoti he saw that was  below  the  platform there is a shelf(Maada)  in front of Japadakatti Ek Shila Brindavana.

Detailed the whole thing in the morning to all the elders including the Archaka - Vamshasthha Sri Badadha Ramacharya. Confirmed that no one has walked during night. The man who walked is none but Rayaru. Highly pleased with the Aradhana  Seva Kainkarya - Pooja  of Sri Goutamacharya during the Aradhana. So Rayaru gave Darshana to Goutamacharya and as usual as per the word given to Sri Appanacharya appeared in the form of Jyoti near Sri Vyasaraja Pratishthhaapita Praanadevaru. It is a great Miracle of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu. Blessed Goutamacharya , Rayaru appreciated his honesty and sincerity, though he performed the pooja as per our Pooja rituals and Pooja Vidhaana. Dear world Devotees Goutamacharya is lucky, got the Pratryaksha Darshana of Rayaru at the Bichali Japadakatti. Several Rushi Munis Devotees constantly pray to Rayaru and perform Sankalpa Seva. See how fortunate  is this young guy. The golden opportunity given by Ramacharya we  say Rayaru inspired. Sri Badadha Ramacharya's selfless Seva Rayaru always desires and there by Blessing the world Devotees through the Ashtottara Shata Seva Samiti of Bichali Japadakatti. The Seva of Sri Appanacharya Vamshashthharu is really a boon to all of us. So this Miracle happened in Bichali. Rayaru said Aradhana well done, pleased, Blessed you all. This is the Niropa of Rayaru on the concluding day of Aradhana.

Devotees Rayaru is daily visiting Bichali Japadakatti, the Tungabharda holy Snaana, Aahneeka, Anushthhaana  and then sit at the EkShila Brindavana in JyotiRoopa. This is the routine of Rayaru. Only the lucky and the fortunate have the chance of Darshana.

We say that Goutamacharya is one such satvika among the lucky, fortunate and the Blessed. So Rayaru is:

Sri Ramaraadhaka Punya Murty Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhouma

Bichali Sri Appanacharya Priya Sri GuruRaghavendra


Bhakta Vatsala Karuna Samudra Sri Mantralaya Vidya Matha Yativarenya

Bhuvi Japtuhu TavaSankeertanam Sada Sarva Kaaleshu Maam Raksha


Bhaktaanugraha Premi Sarvatra Sarva Karyeshu Jaya Pradaata

Tvameva Sarvaswa Mama Dehi Karaavalambam GuruRaghavendra



||Bichali Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha||







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