Our India Bharat is the mother land of Bhakti. Human life is the most valuable life, we have to make it meaningful. To attain this saarthaka it seems the bank of our sacred Tungabhdra bank is the best for all the divine personalities. Sri Ibharamapura’s Appa’s name was Krishnarya Krishnacharya very extraordinary right from his childhood. The only son of Sri Ahobalacharya, generally called as Sri Obalacharya, easy to pronounce Ibharamapura is called as Ibrahimpur, but Ibharamapura is the correct name. A few miles from Mantralaya - three miles. Krishnacharya was the Avatara purusha. Aparokshagnyani, a great devotee of Mantralaya Yatiraat Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhoumaru. Daily coming to Mantralaya from Ibharamapura to get the darshana of Rayaru. The day on which Appa was not coming, Rayaru himself was going to Ibharamapura from Mantralaya. Similar is the case of Bichali even today Rayaru visits the sanctum of Japadakatti and the holy house of Bhikshaalaya Bichali Sri Appanacharyaru.

Krishnacharya was generally and popularly called as Appa. All the sajjanas and the satvikas regarded Krishnacharya and with respect called as Appa. Always listening their problems and solved affectionately, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. All the young and old liked Appa.A great scholar of high profile. Though Appa was not a pontiff, he has received highest respect and regard in the society and where ever he went. Upheld Sri Harisarvottama and Vayujeevottama till to his last breath.

Appa’s body was always full of Parimala fragrance, all have experienced the same.When Appa had appeared in the dream of a devotee, that room was filled with pleasant fragrance. This fragrance was nothing but the Pathana, Adhyayana and Adhyapana of Sri Jaiteertharu’s Sri ManNyayasudha and SriGuru Raghavendra’s Sri Parimala. Aparokshagnyani Appa was blessed by the great Guru Sri Dronacharya’s son Sri Ashwathamacharya, just as our Gadugina Narayanappa was blessed by Sri Ashwathamacharya and became Kumaravyasa a great poet Mahakavi. Really a profound scholar of Sudha Parimala. Appa has attained the divine qualities and several Miracles proved the divine qualities. The Vaak Siddhi and the power of blessing was immense. Even in the dream if somebody asked doubts, he used to clarify without seeing any references that much of efficiency and pakvate Appa had.

Ibharamapura Obalacharya and Krishnabai, the parents of Krishnarya searched the girl from a respectable family of Nandavar by name Krishnabai and the marriage took place.Appa became GRUHASTA.The couple loved each other and we call as NEETADAMPATYA, NEETA PATI PATNI. Krishnabai was popularly called as Achchamma.

Achchamma's Katte is near the Katte of Appa in Ibharamapura. Though she attained the Muttaide Bhaagya, after the construction of Appa's Katte, Achchamma appeared in the dream of the Vamshashtaru and asked to construct the Katte by the side of Appa's Katte.So we find both the katte today.

Appa’s Katte in Ibharamapura today welcoming the world devotees to bless and shower the cream of affection of Mantralaya. Ibharamapura’s Appa’s house is in Mantralaya and the vamshastharu are still residing in Mantralaya and Ibharamapura and describe the glory of this chetana. Always a soft corner to the poor and the depressed. There is a shloka about Appa:



Appa knew the heart of Mantralaya Prabhu Sri Raghavendra, Antaranga Bhakta. By the blessings and anugraha of Rayaru through miracles helped abundant bhaktas. A staunch worshipper of Panchamukhi Praanadevaru, Appa received Pandavapoojita Panchamukhi Hanuma by Sri Mummadi Krishnaraja Vodeyar and they both became too close.In the twenty five series you will experience the greatness of Ibharamapura’s Appa..

- Raghvendra Patwari