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PART - 5 

Sri Appanacharyaru in dreams  of Sri Krishnavadhootaru

Date : Feb 23 2010


As per the guidance of  Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu, Bhikshaalaya -Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru appeared in the dream of Muddukrishnacharya and asked to Chant Sri Raghavendra Stotra are described in SRI KRISHNAVADHOOTARU(5).


Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru decided to awaken Muddukrishnacharya and bring him on the right path of Bhakti - Guyana - Vairagya as he was a great Chetana. So assigned this hard task to Bichali Japadakatti Appanacharya. Appanacharya immediately obeyed the wordings of his beloved Guru. As already told that Appanacharya has already attained Sri Hari Paada. Appeared in the dream of Muddukrishnacharya and asked to chant Sri Guru Stotra. But at that time  Muddukrishnacharya was  fully immersed in the worldly life of pleasure, wealth, two wives and holding the important position in the Royal Court of Ghorpade. Did not care for  the dream. Engaged in the worldly life as usual. Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya very obedient to Rayaru again appeared in the dream and said oh! Muddukrishnacharya why you have forgotten completely? I am Bichali Japadakatti Appanacharya, devotee of Mantralaya Sri GuruRaya  remember all that.

Start the pathhana of Sri Gurustotra, Engage and surrender yourself in the Seva of our Beloved Guru Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu. Sri Krishnavadhootaru has honestly described in Sri Raghavendra Tantra :

Prabhodtopya Vishwasaat Appanaryena Moodhadheehi
Naakarsham Sri Gurow Bhaktim Punaraasam Kukarmaee
Punaha Swapne Samaagatya Mantrow Sa Vyasa Krishnayoho
Appanaryoham Ityuktwa Savam Chopaadishad Guroho

Again and again and many  a times Sri Appanacharya awakened Muddukrishnacharya, From this moment start the reading of Sri Gurustotra, Chant Sri Gurustotra, Rayaru is constantly telling me that you are born of a great noble cause. In the dream itself Appanacharya  Blessed, Showered  and advised the Mantra of Sri Vyasa and Sri Krishna.Muddukrishnacharya  felt an unusual feeling of Divine power. This time the advice of Appanacharya reached the heart of Sondur Muddukrishnacharya:

Agnyaata Sri Gurustotropyaetat Prabhrati Vishwasan
Gurustotraarthhamevaaham Pathhan Gurum Poojayam

Very happily described in Sri Raghavendra Tantra. By the P athhana of Sri Gurustotra the Sondur Chetana found a metamorphosis change. By Chanting this Stotra Raja of Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya grew utmost devotion towards our GuruRyaru. By Chanting only the Aparokshnagnyana was charged and recharged. Understood the previous Avataaras  himself and Appanacharya, amazed to know that how sincerely performed the Seva of Sri GuruRaghavendrateertharu in all the Janmas.

Muddukrishnacharya's regular routine of all the 24 hours was nothing but the Pathhana of Sri Raghavendra Stotra. How many times Ashtottara Pathhana was completed cannot be described. Such a staunch devotee of Rayaru and Appanacharyaru. Love, Affection and Devotion grew by leaps and bounds. The joy of this devotee of Devara Kere, Sondur Sri Muddukrishnacharya knew no bonds !

Dear Devotees it is heartening to know that all this happened by the Gurustotra of our Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru. Felt happy and proud that in the previous janmas along with Appanacharya he was closely associated to Rayaru. Felt extremely sorry for wasting the time and the energy, expertising several branches of knowledge which were not sane and  were not in accordance with the philosophy of Sri Anandateertharu.

Repented a lot for the same. Muddukrisahnacharya performed the Saasthaanga Namaskara to Rrayaru and completely surrendered to Bichali Japadakatti Chetana for his masterpiece, Which came out spontaneously to Appanacharya while crossing the river Tungabhadra which was in spate on the day of Shraavana Bahula Bidige.Plunged in the river without caring his life. What an amount of Confidence, Faith and Bhakti Appanarya had ? The world is simply amazed. So the Gurustotra is our means of Saadhana and Siddhi. A great Boon of Rayaru and Appanacharyaru to the world.

So is our Global Project of Ashtottara at the JAPADAKATTI.

Muddukrishnacharya started worshipping Rayaru by doing Ashtottara, understanding the meaning fully and properly .Completely involved in Gurustotra and his imward eyes always witnessed the Divinie Personality of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu. So  Muddukrishnacharya came nearer and nearer to our :

Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya Rayaru by Sri Raghavendra Gurustotra.

Gurustotramevaaham Pathhan Gurum Poojam.

Muddukrishnacharya became a great Devotee of Rayaru  almost equal to our
Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru .

Pratyaksharam Prati Padam Anekaakooti Garbhitaata
Pratibhaati Gurustotram Mahaan Stotram Jagat Vandyam.


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