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Part - 26

Sri Krishnavadhootaru's famous Siddhi Prada Granthha Sri Raghavendra Tantra

Date : Nov 3 2010


Thursday November 04.2010 the Samaaropa of Aashweeja Maasa and the dawn of Kaarteeka Maasa - Deepotsava. A colourful bliss of our  unique traditional festival is Deepavali, we celebrate for five days continuosly.

Deepa Samyojanaat Gnyanam Putra Laabho Bhavet Dhruvam

The importance of Jodu(a pair) Nandaa Deepa to our  Great Mantralaya Yatiraat Gururaat Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru and the universal affection, the Anugraha of Rayaru  to a Muslim Devotee - a Great Miracle are described  along with the Neerajanashtaka Stavana of the sixth  Ghee Neerajana Deepa in the chaturthha patala of Sri RaghavendraTantra in 
Sri Krishnavadhootaru(26).


Today the world devotees are performing the Deepaaradhane of Jodu Nandadeepa with affection and devotion to our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu. We find in almost all the houses of Mantralaya Devotees irrespective  of caste, creed, religion, nation and gender. Nandadeepa means the Deepa is constantly day in and day out  burning and shining in the Poojaroom in front of Rayaru:


The world  devotees are greatly benefitted by offering the Nandadeepa Seva. Acquired all the Desired things in life. Sri Krishnavadhootaru has said in Sri RaghavendraTantra:

VartiDwayautam Saajayam Deepadwandam Tamopaham
Nirantara Prakshopi Gruhaana Krupayaa Mayee

By lighting Samyojana of Deepa a pair of Deepa Jodu Nandadeepa we are sure to attain the Anugraha of our Mantralaya Rayaru who has attained the complete Anugraha of Sri Hari Vayudevaru and Gurugalu Sri Acharya Madhwaru. Devotees by lighting the Jodu Nandadeepas will definitely be free from all obstacles, the darkness will be wiped off, we will be always full of hopes of positive thinking. The Negativity will  be washed away, vanished automatically. I am offering the Seva of Jodu Deepa Nandadeepa, kind GuruRayare Kindly accept my Deepaaraadhane. You are the only kind saint to protect me as you are the ocean of Kindness Karunasamudra - Krupaalu - Karunasindhu - Anaanthhabandhu. Our prayer will definitely reach the heart of Rayaru. All the time in all the days and the nights of 365 days of the year our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu is always  attentive, caring  and protecting the world devotees.

Our greatest Devotee Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharyaru  - Sri Krishnavadhootaru Ibharamapura´s Appavaru  Sri Haridasas Sri Vijayadasaru - Uttanuru Sri Gopaladasaru -  Manvi Sri Jaganathdasaru  - Venisompura Sri Venkataramacharyaru -  Karajagi Dasaru - Sri Praneshadasru - Sri Gurujagannathadasaru - Sri Shreedavithalaru  Surpur Sri Anandadasaru and our Dasas of Lingasugur have  completely Believed Rayaru and found the divine light of Akshaya Mahima - Ananta Mahima in their lifetime and thus Greatly Blessed by our Gururaat. In this modern age the entire life style and the working mode are quite different now. First of all the scarcity of time, work pressure, tight busy schedule and everybody is not happy in one way or the other. For all these day to day arising problems there is a simple method to be free from all these worries. Let us surrender to our Kind Yatiraat Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu:

Anyathhaa Sharanam Naasti Tvameva Sarvswa Mama GuruRaghavendrateertha Prabho

Tvaam Vina Nahi Jaanena Anyam Maam Adya Uddhaarakaranam
Dayaloonam Tvamagraneehee GuruRaghavendra Prabho Raksha.

Our Sondur Sri Krishnavadhootaru has practically surrendered to Rayaru and attained the fullest Anugraha of Rayaru by Deeparaadhana - Nandaddepaaradhane. Let the Jodu Nandadeepas should burn all the time in all the 365 days. The Deepas may be of Oil or Ghee WHICH EVER IS READILY AVAILABLE. No hard and fast. Agnideva of Jodu Nandadeepa will be sending messages to Sri Hari Vayu GuruRaghavendrateertharu pertaining to our requests and the Manokaamana - Apekshita Phala.As our Rayaru is

Apekshita Pradaataanyo Raghavendraan Na Vidyate

Our Bichali Japadakatti Appanacharyaru has already said in Gurustotra. Our Dasas have said in their songs:

Mantrava Naanariye Sri ManMantralaya Doreye
Nemavu Yenagelli Kaaminyavanalli

I do not quite know how to propitiate you through Vrutas and Niyamas, I am completely overburdened due to the worldly demands and simply praying you, kindly fulfill my wishes. Offering the pair of Nandadeepas I am simply praying you with devotional ecstasy, oh! GuruRayare please do my Uddhaara. With devotion chant the Quick Siddhi Mahamantra:

Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Prabho Raksha.

Repeat this Mantra - Prayer again and again Punaravartane pronounce for  many times if we do for 108 times it is well and good. Pronouncing for 108 times means, out of 108 at least a few will be of Devotional perfection and ecstasy will fetch the real values required to acquire the Anugraha of our Rayaru. So world devotees only for the sake of this we are giving the importance for 108 Ashtottara Shata. 27 Nakshatras four padas total is 108.

So we say 108. 1008 Sri Sri has actually no meaning at all. Only 108 has a correct meaning we have sticked to the Ashtottara Shata. 1008 MEANS TEN TIMES 108 and not more than that. The real assessment is 108. In Bhaagavata we are amazed to see the below shloka:

Jeevan Shavo Bhaagavataanghri Renum
Na Jaatu Matyorbhilabhet Yastu
Sri Vishnu Padya Manujaha Tulasyaa
Shwasan Shavo Yastu Na Veda Gandham

One should touch the soil particles Paadadhooli of Bhaagavatottama, then only the life is meaningful. If not the living is equal to Jeevan Shava. At the same time one should smell, inhale the fragrance of TulasiNirmaalya of  Sri Hari. If not the exhale and inhale has no meaning at all. So the real devotees accept the Nirmaalya of Parama Bhagavatottama of our Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu with great devotion.

On the top of the Rayara Brindavana we find the sacred idols of Narahari - Rama - Krishna - Vedavyasdevaru. Rayaru is in the long Japa of Sri Hari propitiating Sri Hari. Such a Nirmaalya of our Rayaru is of great Siddhi to all of us. So today the World Devotees  simply  Prostrate to our Mantralaya Rayaru and Bichali Japadakatti Appanaryaru in their heart and acquiring the Desired Things in Life and thus bent in gratitude to our Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru.

So on the last day of Ashweeja Bahula I  sincerely appeal to all to Believe Yatiraat and find the solution and lead a happy life by the Anugraha of our Mantralaya Rayaru.Sondur Sri Krishnavadhootaru in the fourth chapter of Sri RaghavendraTantra  very beautifully described the universal love and affection of our Rayaru in Neerajanashtaka Stavana:

Yathhaa Shakti Yathha Bhakti Sevakaanaam Phalapradam
Yavanaadyaischa Samsevyam Vande Shasthha Prapanchitam
Iti Shasthha Neerajanam Samarpayaami

Devotees perform the Seva in their own way and style as per their knowledge and ability. Even the Muslim Devotees have performed the Seva of Rayaru.

I have seen with my own eyes that in Mantralaya a Muslim Devotee performedthe Seva Prtadakshina Seva to Sri Raghavendrateertharu morning and evening not for a week, a fortnight or for a month but years together (two years)he performed the Seva. Owing to certain irregularities the Muslim Devotee lost his job, suspended. Suffered a lot family maintenance etc. After hearing from others about Mantralaya and Rayaru he came to Mantralaya and started the Seva by seeing others. Took a holy dip in Tungabhadra with wet clothes entered the Mutt applied Gopichandana like others and started the Seva  Pradakshina Seva saying Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha. After two years the postman came in search of this Devotee to deliver a registered letter to this Devotee. Now Muslim devotee frightened to receive the letter, afraid to face the sequences of the official proceedures. After opening the cover for his great surprise there was a letter. Letter was the cancellation of suspension order  from the retrospective date and recalled for duty immediately. Felt extremely happy and then thought how to go at this juncture. Not a single Rupee  was with him. His clothes were all torn and not well shaped. At that time immediately a devotee came in search of him and gave him Rs. 600/ and said yesterday Rayaru appeared in my dream and told me to give Rs. 600/ to you. Now the Muslim Devotee really astonished to know the kind act of our GuruRayaru. How kind you are ! Knowing the entire situation you have arranged everything in a decent way. Tears simply rolled on his cheeks. The Archakas felt extremely happy that Rayaru Blessed for his dedicated Seva. Gave Phala Mantrakshate to him and the the devoteee left Mantralaya with a heavy heart.

When all the doors are closed the doors of our Mantralaya Rayaru are always open to the world devotees irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation and gender. So today all are after  Mantralaya Bhikshaalaya and surrendering to our Rayaru and Appanaryaru.

Yavanaadyaischa Samsevyam Vande Shasthha Prapanchitam

Devotees  today the world is amazed to the universal affection of our Mantralaya  Yatiraja Sri Raghavendrateertharu. We have seen in Mangalashtaka:

VipraKshatraVidanghriJaataMukharaaneka PrajaSevitaha
Sri MatSadguruRaghavendraYatiraat Kuryaat Dhruvam Mangalam.



Jodu Deepavanu Mantralaya Bhaktaru
Tamma Manegalali Sadaa Nanda Deepa Belagisi
Manadali Sri Raghavendrateertharanu Bhakti Bhaavadi
Smarisi Samarparpane Maadida Bhaktaru Yella Indu
Sukha Shanti Abhivruddhi Heralavanu Sambhramada
Belakinali Naliyuvaru Rayaru Kondaadi Konaruvaru
Vishwadaadyanta ! Sri RaghavendraTantradali:

VartiDwayautam Saajayam Deepadwandam Tamopaham

Nirantara Prakshopi Gruhaana Krupayaa Mayee

Sri Hari Vayu Guruvarara Purnaanugraha
Padeda Mantralaya GuruRaya NImma Paavana Sannidhiyali
Yeradu Tuppada Deepa Jodu NandaDeepa
Belagipenu Satata Nirantara
Badukina Kattaleyanella Hodedattu Tande
Akhanda Belaku Aashottaravanella Eederisu
Tande Sri Raghavendra !
Nanna Ee Jodu NandaDeepa Aaradhaneya Sweekarisu
Karunaalu Nanage Neevallade Mattaroo Illa !
Neeve Krupaalu Karunaa Sindhu Karuna Samudra
Yatiraja Gururaat Anatha Bandhu Yendu Praarthhisalu
Mantralaya Gururajaru Tappade Rakshiparu

Ishte Alla Manukulada Hitakaari Karunaalu
Uttamottama Needi Uddhariparu Yendu
Uttanooru Sri Gopaladasaru Cheekalaparaviya
Sri Vijayadasaru Manviya Sri Jagannathadasaru
Venisompurada Sri Venkataramacharyaru Karajagi Dasaru
Surpurada Sri Anandadasaru  Bichali Appanaryaru
Sondur Krishnavadhootaru Mantralaya Rayaranu
Nere Nambi Badukinali  Belakina Ananta Mahimeya
Phala Padedu Dhanyaraagiharu !
Indina Yuga Dharma Samayada Abhaava
Kelasada Vattada Ekaagrateya Korateyali
Jeeva Vila Vilane Balalutide
Idakella Sulabha Sutra Parihaaravene
Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharanu Bhaktiyali
Vamme Koogi Sharanaagi :

Anyathhaa  Sharanam Naasti Tvameva Sarvswa

Mama GuruRaghavendra Raksha Maam Tava Baalaaha

Yendu Manasaare Kareyiri Vishwada Bhaktare
GuruRaya Tatkshana Bandu Parihariparu !
Ee Reeti Rakshipa Ekaika Karunaalu Vishwadali
Yene Mantralaya Prabhuvarya ! Sri Krishnavadhootaru
Taave Idake Pratyaksha Saakshi Yendu Tantradali
Sogasaagi Heliharu Valavina Varada Bhandaara
Namma Mantralaya Rayaru Vishwada Bhaktarige!
Adakaagi Bhaktare Devara Maneyali Varushada
365 Dinavoo Hagalu Raatri Satata Jodu NandaDeepava
Belagisi Yenne Athhavaa Tuppa Yaavudu
Sulabha Labhyavo Adane Samarpisi Bhaktiyali
Mantra NiketanaNilaya Sri Raghavendra Gurugalige:

Mantrava Naanariye Sri ManMantralaya Doreye

Nemavu Yenagelli Kaaminyavanalli

Yendu Dasavarenyaru Rayarali Moreyittiharu
Mantra Tantra Nema Nitya Yaavanoo Ariyade
Samsaaradali Bayakegala Raashiyane Hottu
Ninnanu Aaraadhipe Tande Bhakti Paravashanaahihe
Rayare Uddharisi Kandananu Yendu Jodu NandaaDeepava
Belagisuta Nityavoo Praarthhipenu:

Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya

Mantralaya Sri GuruRaghavendrateertha Prabho Raksha

Ishtane Bedikoli Punaraavartisi
Yathhaa Shakti  ! Noorentu Salavaadare
Innoo Shreshthha  Ati Uttama
Aa Noorentu Sala Japadali Kelavu Japavaadaroo
Bhakti Nishthheyali Rayara Hrudaya Tattuvadarali
Sandehavilla ! Adakaagi 108 Sala Yendu Vattu Needuvadu
Vishwada Bhaktare !
Yekenalu Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu
Sri Ramaraadhakaru Punyamurtygalu Parama Bhaagavatottamaru
Bhaagavatadali Baruva Sholkava Gamanisi Bhaktare:

Jeevan Shavo Bhaagavataanghri Renum

Na Jaatu Matyorbhilabhet Yastu

Sri Vishnu Padya Manujaha Tulasyaa

Shwasan Shavo Yastu Na Veda Gandham

Bhaagavatottamara Paada Dhooli
Dehakke Taagada Manuja Badukidaroo Sattante
Sri Hari Charanake Arpisida Tulasiya Parimalava
Moosi Nodadava Aswaadisadava Usiraat Maadidaroo
Arthhat Badukuva Manuja Vyrathha Yemba Bhaava
Vyaktavaagide Illi

Mantralaya Rayara Bhavya Divya
Neela Brindavana Shiradali Sri Narahari
Rama Krishna Vedavyasa Yeraderadu Naalakku
Hari Moorutigalu Rayaru Akhanda Deergha Nirantara
Japadali Sri Hariyanu Aaraadhiparu
Antaha Rayara Tulasi Nirmaalya Mruttike
Bhaktara Paalige Sanjeevini !
Ada Padedu Dhanyaraagiri Vishwada Bhaktare
Aashweeja Krishna Pakshada Koneya Dinada Korike
Bhaktare Mantralaya Santa Sri Hari Priya
Bhaktaanugraha Premi Sri Raghavendrateertharanu
Nambi Bhajisi Aaraadhisi Uddhaaravaagi
Dhanyaraagi Badukinali
Rayara Paramaanugrahada Belaku
Badukinali Sadaa Korayaisali
Sri Krishnavadhootaru Sri RaghavendraTantrada
Araneya Neerajanashtaka Stavanadali Heliharu:

Yathhaa Shakti Yathha Bhakti Sevakaanaam Phalapradam

Yavanaadyaischa Samsevyam Vande Shasthha Prapanchitam

Iti Shasthha Neerajanam Samarpayaami

Bhaktaru Tamage Tilida Reetiyali
Yathhaa Shakti Seveyanu Maadidaroo
Rayaru Phala Endeavour ! Ashte Yeke ?
Musalmana  Bandhugaloo Mantralaya Rayarige
Saashtaangaveragi Seveyanu Gaidu Anugraheetaraadudanu
Pratyaksha Kandiruve !
Vabba Musalmaana Bhakta Tungabhadreyali Mulugeddu
Ili Vaddeyali Tanage Tilidante Gopichandanava Lepisikondu
Rayara Pradakshine Seveyagaida ! Vaaravalla Tingalavalla
Satata Vandu Varusha ! Kelasadli Amanattaagi
Rayarige  Sampurna Sharanaada ! Vandu Varshada Mele
Sevege Tegedukollalaagide Baa Yemba Aadesha
Mantralaya Vilaasake Avana Hudukuta Bandu
Aadesha Kaigitta Postman
Kaiyalli Bidi Kaasilla Harida Panche Gadda Meese
Hege Hogali Tande Yendu Chintisutirvaagale
Vabba BhaktaruBandu Hudukaadi
Ninne Kanasali Rayaru Nimage 600/Roopayee
Kodalu Helidaru Sweekarisi Idanu
Yendu Kaigittaru

Musalmaana Bhaktana Anandake Paarave Illa !

Yavanaadyascha Samsevyam Vande Sri Guru Raghavendram

Intihudu Rayara Vishwaprema
Kalakali Antahakarana Bhaktare !


|| Bichali Japadakatti Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya
Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha ||

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